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The progressive would no more dispute the picturesque rituals or concepts various creeds than would ridicule Santa professional custom writing services Glaus in front children. But, like all enlightened people, considers them lingering residues from eras long past, eras untouched the wisdom modern science. How easy for such people see the common element in all creeds, after having dismissed all elements religious phantasy ! The price for such tolerance high, for unwittingly discards religion for humanism. Humanism, however, only the shadow spiritual truth, beneficial modern man but incapable giving him the strength and inspiration desperately seeks. The opposite trend in religious upbringing insists the vital significance rigid doctrine.

If the mind rebels, silence it! There are enough matters secular importance where may find its task and satisfaction. However, both trends are heedless the fact that religion can fulfill its mission only when becomes the prime mover heart and mind alike.

If permitted pervade only one part the human soul, likely form powerful undercurrents, which must eventually emerge i need help writing a descriptive essay as fanaticism and pseudo-religion.

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For man's need for spiritual security, although less conscious, as great today as was in the Middle Ages.

Consciously may scoff subconsciously longs for In the Middle Ages, when the human soul was almost entirely sustained the forces feeling, intellect was minor importance.

The vast majority men never doubted the existence and regarded intelligence merely as a tool used in His service.

But now when intellect has become a full partner in man's inner and outer life, religion can fulfill its mission only if capable satisfying the mind as well paper writer online as the heart.

Since has failed a split has opened in the human soul which one the major causes for the paralysis Modem psychology, possibly with the exception Jung's, has not fully appreciated this fact, owing its preoccupation with sexual conflicts. Volume upon volume has been filled with theories, diagnostic details, and alleged doctoral thesis causes various diseases.

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Yet, however sincere our sympathy for the man who lives in frustration and turmoil because as a child was not permitted kill his father and possess his mother, cannot help wondering how mankind could have managed well before Freud discovered his Oedipus Complex.

Previous generations seem not have been as neurotic as ours, even though widespread psychological crises did occur, affecting the individual as well as whole civilizations. In writing a dissertation for dummies any case, these crucial periods could not threaten the survival mankind, as our own, for the world was not intricately interwoven as today. If one civilization sickened, there was always another, young and healthy enough replace Those earlier crises had at least one important factor in common with our present one, in that they developed when the religious ideal characteristic for a specific type civilization had lost its hold how to write my essay the hearts the people. In our age, too, unfulfilled religious longing has played a major part in the emergence national catastrophes. Fascism and nazism displayed their mysticism openly, using as the most effective weapon their rapid march power. Not until they had reached political control did their real difficulties begin, for only the unfulfilled goal could keep alive the mystical longing in the hearts their followers. Therefore, these false prophets could not stop, but had create ever new aims eventually they evoked ancient barbaric rites blood sacrifice, which led torture chambers, war, and finally, the twilight their gods. Naturally, there were social, political, and economic motives too, but must not forget that the success or failure revolutions has always depended the idealist, the mystic who for himself demands nothing but ecstasy. In Russia conditions were more complicated. The end the old regime was long overdue, and the lost war simply swept away a culture that had outlived itself.





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