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Quite a number the drawings, however, have been re-drawn from illustrations in other works, and special acknowledgment Atlas zur Pharmazeutischen Botanik Berg and Anatomischer Atlas zur Pharmazeutischen Years ago the author made a large number drawings drugs for the Companion, Oldberg and Wall thanks are due Wm. Wood Co. publishers the Companion, for permission use those drawings for the present volume.

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Most the specimens from which drawings were made were obtained from the collections belonging the St.

coursework questions Louis College Pharmacy and the author, but thanks for specimens drugs are due twenty years doctor the Committee for the Revision the Europen Union Pharmacopoeia.

To these two gentlemen the author indebted for a complete collection authenticated barks official in the pharmacopoeia, the indigenous barks having been collected botanists under their direction for the use the It the hope the author that these Notes Pharmacognosy may service students pharmacy, as well as the active pharmacist, for whose use in the daily routine business this book My interest in the mysterious world psychology dates back farther than knowledge the term itself. When other children were fascinated what an adult did, I was more concerned with why did Today, in retrospect, the response adults this peculiarity a fifth-grader seems tragic as well as comical. While in public they made fun the boy, secretly they used every occasion tell him their woes, ranging from love affairs material problems, and even suicidal tendencies.

Although their affairs were far from comprehensible their thoughts and emotions seemed almost self-explanatory phenomena a strange but utterly real plane. High school gave additional incentive this hobby which, surprisingly, roused more interest than ridicule in classmates, some whom joined heartily in its pursuit.

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