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For if were actually convinced the nonexistence reality, why would state his views which, according good dissertation writers his own reasoning, could hold no truth? The materialist who preaches the nonexistence absolute truth and seems unaware the fact that in doing himself making metaphysical statements which too, considers as absolute truth. Only the person who has never expressed an opinion at all may an honest skeptic. Unfortunately, are in no position know his views. To protect the sanity his generation how essay help service to write my essay and sat essay writing help assert his own freedom thought, the average individual must become capable defending the principles common sense against ideological indoctrination. Common sense cannot survive, however, unless the individual can maintain the fundamentals mental existence trust in inner and outer realities, and in his own self. For what holds true in the actual conduct everyday life must reflected in the philosophical outlook man otherwise the already existing rift in the human soul will widened. In personal life, sincere doubts regarding the existence reality constitute a symptom mental illness. A person losing the conviction his own self-existence Is as ill as the patient whom objects the outer world appear unreal.

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In political life, doubts concerning the existence absolute realities write my essay for money are conducive the introduction subjective science the one hand, and Interference with religious freedom the other. The political history nazism and communism should at least convince the world the powerful effects that philosophical ideologies may exert the lives and liberties As was said before, many people may never have heard philosophical systems which deny the existence objective reality in the world the senses or in the world intuition.

Nevertheless, philosophical skepticism has penetrated through countless channels into the conscious and subconscious minds all. We have also mentioned the paralyzing effect which philosophical indoctrination has the development free thinking. Its effect even worse when a whole generation brought in a pedagogical system whose underlying philosophy denies the existence metaphysical reality.

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For here not only freedom thought pay to write papers endangered, but also freedom moral In any serious moral conflict the voice our intangible conscience hard put overcome the vivid sensations aroused emotions. Unless education succeeds in implanting into the child a deep respect for, and an acute awareness spiritual reality, the scales will automatically tip in favor desire, hate, lust for revenge, or other forms pre-written write my book report for me term papers for sale immoral satisfaction.

Even if the fear reprisal or punishment should suffice prevent action a criminal nature, such restraint in behavior would not represent a moral achievement. If morality nothing but an endeavor find for the manifestation i need help with writing my essay impulse in special situations an office refreshment and renewal, why should not crime committed when the result appears more refreshing the criminally inclined? In his Psychology John Dewey writes He man will have himself good.

The reason that will that will.

Only the ideal himself as good will satisfy him.

If ask why this ideal alone satisfactory, can get no other answer than this wills satisfied in that, and in that alone. It willed because satisfactory because willed as that This rather involved statement leaves no room for moral choice since degrades morality into a quest for satisfaction not much different from an animal's search for its appropriate food. Moreover, since some obviously find satisfaction in evil, such a concept would divide men into different species, some them harmless or good, if chose call them others ferocious. Nor likely that habits could actually change bad people into good ones, since centuries civilization, not mention decades progressive education, have failed check the Only when stop speculating and simply observe the archphenomena our own psychological attitude toward life can see that every single one our mental activities depends unquestioning acceptance three categories reality one material, the second intangible, and the third which part For centuries philosophical arguments have raged over the nature man's consciousness whether depends sense perception in its relation the outer world, or consists man's awareness his selfhood and the world ideas. Monism and dualism have been the battle cries whole generations, and their conflict has had tremendous effects the history culture and the evolution science. Yet the chasm between them, now possibly wider than ever, not due an actual incompatibility between two opposing realities, but man's tedious habit drawing party lines where they are least appropriate in the sphere cognition.

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