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And, indeed, where the borders best paraphrasing online our self lie? In our body? Hardly, for many parts can destroyed or surgically removed without noticeably affecting our self-consciousness. In the mind? What happens, then, the continuity our self in sleep? What our subconscious mind? Intellectually, these questions are unsolvable. Nevertheless, selfhood exists. In his second or third year, every sane child undergoes an inner experience utmost significance, an experience which radically changes his mental life. From that moment ceases refer himself in the third person and conceives Some endowed with an unusual memory will recall this event later and will consequently not easily swayed philosophers and psychologists who deny the reality selfhood.

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But they who not remember the critical moment selfhood-awakening should keep in mind that the test a Let those who disbelieve in the integrality the human ego apply their skepticism themselves, and observe its effects their own mental life! Our institutions are filled with the unfortunates who for physical and psychological reasons have lost awareness their integrated self. Man's awareness himself as an indivisible entelechy based the experience insofar unique as requires a certain co-operation between an intuitive and a sensual form cognition. The Occidental has become intellectual and extroverted that in danger losing himself the multiple external The Oriental whose consciousness still predominantly intuitive, cannot yet see that the emergence a strong ego, though separating man from union with the divine, marks a new and essential phase the path evolution. All qualitative judgments right and wrong, good and evil, beauty and ugliness, as well as belief or disbelief in the existence are based man's conscious or unconscious reliance intuitive experience as an archphenomenon his mental life.

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In short, every single philosophical utterance, including those denying the validity intangible realities, proves rather than disproves their existence.

Other examples intuitive or inner experience lie in the fields art and religion.

The creative musician often experiences original music without the aid his physical ear the painter frequently conceives a picture before attempts put canvas and all creeds in which profess believe trace buy essays cheap their origin visions and inspirations, not sense perception and analytical essay writer reddit We must not believe that modern man has lost entirely the gift intuition.

It rather that his interest has become exclusively focused the outer world, his mental activities completely occupied with analytical thinking, that has lost the full appreciation intuitive experience.

Thus neglects one the indispensable principles his psyche, which must rebuilt an acceptance a world intangible truth.

On the other hand, such trust in the world ideas must not lead the negation physical reality. Even the immaterialist disproves the concepts professes.

Scoffing at the objective validity sense perceptions, ignores the fact that the sound his own words and the letters his own books themselves depend sense perceptions and are consequently, according his own views, unreal. By the very action uttering opinions, or publishing books, or giving lectures, proves that himself does not fully believe in the veracity his theories. Our conscious life, every moment an irrefutable testimony our dependence realities in the sphere senses and in the sphere ideas, and in the integrality our selfhood. It not decisive whether our sense perceptions are correct or defective, whether our intuitive experiences are revelations or illusions, whether or not modern psychology doubts the existence our ego the confidence that somewhere within the reach our senses a world objective material existence, that somewhere within cheap assignment writing services the reach our inner groping lies an intangible but real world truth, and that they are reflected in the mirror a really existing self, indispensable human nature. They are the three dimensions reality. custom essay help In ordinary life a question concerning the reality the physical world or man's potential ability perceive hardly ever raised. For the industrialist, businessman, scientist, or any other levelheaded realist, only one problem exists in regard physical reality how reliable the person charged with its observation and interpretation? Since our whole civilization dependent people who are capable accurate observation, a great deal attention has been given human psychology in regard accuracy and error. Scientific investigations this kind are too complex discussed here, except for their basic principle. According this principle, the following three qualities are necessary make a person a reliable mediator physical reality keenness sense perception, clarity analytical thinking, and capacity for self-criticism.





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