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I should add, also, that in most cases the subject the experiment was kept in ignorance the fact that a rise the thermometer was expected.

Is not possible that the current even an induction battery professional paper writer has the power stimulate the tissues as cause an in crease in the ordinary rate disintegrative change? Perhaps a careful study the secretions might lend force this suggestion.

That the muscular action produced the battery not essential cause increase the bodily heat shown the next essays custom set facts which I desire call attention. Some years ago Beard and Rockwell stated that when an induced current used for fifteen thirty minutes daily, one pole the neck and one either foot, or alternately both, the persistent use this form treatment was decidedly tonic in its influence.

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I believe that in this opinion they were perfectly correct, and I now able show buy university thesis at least that, thus employed, the induced current causes also a decided rise temperature in many people, which hiring a writer proves at least that in some way an active agent, capable positively influencing the The rise temperature need someone to write my research paper thus caused less constant, as well as less marked, than that caused the muscle treatment. I not think necessary give the tables in full. They show in the best cases rises one-fifth four-fifths a degree, and were taken with the very utmost care, exclude The mode treatment as follows At the close the muscle electrization one pole placed the nape the neck and one a foot for fifteen minutes. Then the foot pole shifted the other foot and left for a like length time.

The primary current used as being less painful, and the interruptions are made as rapid as possible, while the control wires or cylinder are adjusted as give a current which not uncomfortable. The somewhat wearisome and minute details I have given as Seclusion, Rest, Massage, and Electricity, have prepared the way for a discussion the dietetic and medicinal treatment which without them would neither possible nor useful. As diet, have guided the previous condition and history the patient. Very rarely these women are good feeders, and those who are, seem apt in a few cases fat as well as anaemic.

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As this latter class, needful say something before consider the larger group.

I have sought treat fat anaemic cases the use massage, electricity, iron, and rest, but this does not answer well as another plan, which at first sight may seem somewhat startling. After putting the patients at absolute rest in bed I place them a diet skimmed milk, which kept at such an amount as will thin the woman at a rate that will cost her about half a pound daily.

If she were afoot this falling oflP would severely felt, but when abed amazing how little annoyance causes. As the detail treatment, as follows The rest made absolute, as which I have already spoken. Then I give daily about two quarts milk, well skimmed. It used as Carel directs, cold or warm, not hot, and the amount given divided that the patient takes every two hours enough make the full share during the aking day. In hospital wards weigh the patient every day, and the milk slowly reduced until the loss weight becomes perceptible. When a woman weighing one hundred. pounds lying in bed, and does nothing, about three pints skimmed milk daily will usually sustain her weight without other nourishment but as this there are, course, individual peculiarities. a very nervous person, with some dyspepsia, was thus fed, and for ten days did not vary more than cheap essay writing service online a few ounces I saw lately a lady from New York, who, having been dyspeptic, was placed milk diet, and for two years lived a moderately active life afoot two quarts milk per diem. She consulted as the method escaping from the tiresome monotony this diet. As I observed that while exercising she was unable digest other food without pain, I put her at rest and used massage and electricity.





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