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How may the dynamics stored energy controlled and released the advancement the organism? These are the questions which confront How could organisms this kind ever free? Such hybrids between power generators and vegetables could merely follow their intrinsic electronic and biological energies without choice their own. The authors own premises obviously permit no other logical conclusion, a fact emphasized rather than repudiated this concession The problem..

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complicated the fact that the human organism has some control over the expenditure the energy which constituted Complicated indeed almost as complicated as the feat the famous liar Miinchhausen, who once saved himself from drowning pulling himself out a swamp his own hair! The above-quoted statement Kelly and Rasey characteristic the reasoning almost all materialistic and naturalistic philosophers, in that self-contradictory. For whatever capable controlling the expenditure its own energy must somehow superior this energy.

Since the latter material and biological, the controlling agent must supramaterial and suprabiological, and this exactly what call soul and spirit.

The interesting but unfortunately help write a research paper neglected circumstance that materialists and naturalists, while denying its very existence, cannot without the spirit.

Now let examine the premises which represent the essence human relationship our authors. Man, then, a social creature, or nothing..

Others thus become as essential as food or shelter. Since others are essential no man can unmindful others.

Being mindful others, seeing that others survive fulfill one's own social need the essence Such purely utilitarian views human relations may explain why some governments prefer slave labor camps wholesale elimination political enemies but they could never explain nor encourage the spirit unselfish love and compassion, without which, in the words Paul, become as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal And what mysterious influence would bulks space and embodiments energy motivated risk their existence for the sake ideas since, once extinct, they could hardly fulfill their social need? How many today's parents are aware these and similar views in modern educational philosophy? And surprising that the children themselves subconsciously resent such concepts, or that they react violently against their teachers and the dreary, soulless existence in which they believe? Every youth today, even the least intelligent, fully aware that his life may soon end in a nuclear war.

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Why then should refrain from drawing every ounce satisfaction and thrill for his own embodiment energy as long as life lasts? Or our experts really believe that a young tough can induced self-restraint, kindness, and compassion just because John Dewey found moral deeds refreshing? Or because the youth wants protect his social needs? These are well taken care the gang or the subversive party which belongs, especially when can outdo his comrades in brutality and No, may as well face the fact whoever sees in children bulks space or embodiments energy or higher animals, bound strengthen the subhuman element in them, and no amount superimposed sentimentality will change this. For nothing but belief in his spiritual nature, and appeal his nonegotistical, nonbiological potentialities, can awaken in a child love for freedom and moral values. Yet how can the teacher appeal something has never seen article writing services or heard? We must admit that a generation which has lost the faculty intuitive experience the human spirit elusive indeed. Since modern man relies predominantly sense impressions, soul qualities are prone need someone to write my essay escape his attention unless revealed in words or deeds. A very young child obviously incapable individual self-expression this kind.

It offers instead a great variety reactions most which have their source in desires shared man and animal alike. New-born babies resemble one another almost as much as Individual members one and the same animal species. A six month old does little which an anthropoid could not better, and many a child's actions actually can attributed instinctive, These and many similar facts have encouraged modern psychology see in the eventual emergence undeniably higher faculties in the growing child merely a continuation and refinement his innate instinctive consciousness. In this view lies the whole need help with writing a research paper tragedy modern upbringing, a tragedy unsolvable arguments academic essay writing help alone. For there only one answer intuitive We cannot convince a modern materialist spiritual realities any more than can prove the existence a distant object a person who insists keeping his eyes closed. True, materialism as a philosophy rapidily losing ground in the free world. Its personal essay help elevation the status a government-sponsored creed in the East has induced many Westerners seek new philosophic terms. Yet this change in terminology has done little for the rank and file modern intellectuals who seem cling more than ever the deceptive security a purely sense-bound consciousness. Prompted a deep-seated suspicion the unfamiliar, they have become fugitives from a reality which they fear and, therefore, resent.





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