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The symptoms produced the ingestion alcohol are sufficiently familiar, beginning with a condition usually spoken as stimulation, but which, certainly from a very early period, if not from the first, indicates a gradual abolition the functions the nervous system, beginning with the highest, that have an increasing narcotism, which, like that produced many other drugs, may end in death. The vivacity, restlessness, garrulity, quarrelsomeness, and selfconceit, as well as many other shades disposition often displayed, are explained as the results removing those restraints which custom, timidity, and modesty have imposed upon most persons.

The relaxation the vaso-motor buy essay online cheap nerves shown the flushed face, and often diuresis.

No increased mental and no regular increased bodily labor performed under these circumstances. The heart, however, performs for a time increased work, and hence far as that organ concerned, proper call this effect a stimulation. english essay writers When the gait becomes uncertain, the speech thick, and finally the respiration slow and stertorous, the pupils contracted, and both sensitive and motor nerves have become paralyzed, there can, course, no doubt in the mind any one as the condition being really that narcotism. The number deaths in proportion the number cases in which buy pre written essays an extreme condition alcoholic narcotism induced small, but they are no means unknown. Extreme narcotism from alcohol, or deaddrunkenness, not always easy distinguish from that induced other drugs or from intracranial hemorrhage, especially meningeal, from a sudden attack pneumonia, or even from some surgical injuries but the diagnosis more likely made correctly a physician than a policeman, though the latter may right in the majority cases.

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There no specific antidote but drunkenness likely fatal treated the general principles applicable narcotic poisoning.

Ammonia has a marked writers essays but transient effect gre issue essay help in relieving the symptoms the lesser The above statement applies the use alcohol persons in health. The question the use alcoholic liquors, especially the lighter ones, in sufficient quantity produce any stimulant or incipient narcotic effect, involves a moral question not discussed with propriety here. In disease the stimulant effect upon the heart often more marked and more useful.

It may increase, instead diminishing, vascular tension, and the true stimulant action may shown in the improvement nervous symptoms like neuralgia or delirium.

In many cases a much larger quantity can taken than in health, without producing narcotism as indicated flushing the face, mental excitement, and a greater amount elimination. The effects the chronic use alcohol are extensive and important. Delirium tremens usually the result a prolonged debauch, combined Alcoholism undoubtedly contributes largely, though just how largely impossible say, both directly and indirectly, crime and insanity.

Certain forms neuralgia, paraplegia, and epilepsy are fairly attributable chronic alcoholism, while both counterfeits and causes general paralysis the insane.

Cirrhosis the liver generally acknowledged one its frequent results, diseases the kidney less clearly It probable that fatty degeneration important organs, often connected with obesity, a common consequence its continued use. The medical uses alcohol are manifold. apa style paraphrasing The single dose, a glass wine for instance, value in approaching or actual syncope. If the utmost rapidity action desirable, as may occur in sudden collapse, brandy or dilute alcohol may given subcutaneously. This not likely give rise any local trouble. Its status as a food has been often discussed, and while there no reason suppose that a necessary or even desir able addition a full and varied diet, seems have, under other essay paper writers circumstances, a decided value, both as promoting digestion and also as a substitute for a certain portion food. To soldiers or laborers spirits should given, if at all, after the day's work or march, and in small quantity. No spirit ration now issued in the United States Army or Navy.





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