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The excuse for the situation was that they were just opem'ng a new addition the building, had suddenly help with writing paper increased their force nurses, and had not time teach them before they were set care for the influx Yet every one these patients had come there with the expectation getting skilled care and most them were paying for This may an extreme case, but represents the sort thing which many are doing all too frequently, salving our consciences with the excuse that cannot helped at the present time. A little later are going differently, but if will notice, that time a little later seems never It strange for nurses, all people, say that a thing cannot done, for nurses, more than other people, know how many times a seeming impossibility has But how The first thing take some the time which spend in worrying over conditions and devote real thought. The second practice some the system which are ready talk about. These two simple procedures are absolutely best writing phd proposal writing help services reviews all that necessary free from blame and give our nurses and patients somewhere near what know To concrete, let see what can done with three new probationers. If there are two paper writer service or four the same methods will apply.

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They arrive in the afternoon duty the next morning.

Give them your copy Hampton's Ethics, and tell them read, before they bed, the chapter the probationers. One may read aloud the others. This very simple thing, done at this time, will save them and That first evening call them into your bath room and show them what meant dusting, and if your nurses attend any The next morning send for three senior nurses from different business writing services company parts the house and give each one charge a probationer. Tell her that this probationer may all the needed cleaning, under her even if not finished time, may carry trays from rooms or beds the serving kitchen, may wash medicine glasses and between meals dishes, may help answer ells sim finding out what extended essay help wanted and letting the older nurse know, and may, if necessary, helj in making dressings. Nothing more.

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Just after luncheon, send for the three probationers and, in a half-hour, easy essay help show them how make an empty bed, how wash a patient's face, how assist common app essay help a convalescent with tooth brushing, and how give a drink a person lying his back. Have each write a slip paper what she has been taught and send her back her senior with the instruction that she may these In making rounds take pains fnid out that your instructions are being obeyed and that these young women are not doing other things.

If you find disobedience, take the probationer away and give her into the charge another nurse, making very plain The second day, when your leisure time buying research papers permits, spend another half-hour in demonstrating the three how change an occupied.

bed, and how place and remove a bed pan. Be sure use one the nurses as subject.

In a few additional minutes you may show them how i lace a tray the bedside table, how adjust the tal and the patient's pillows, bell, etc. ready for the meal. Again, send them back with their Now, at the beginning their third day, you have nurses who know how a number very helpful and much-called-for things, which uite safe for them and which will not write my term paper for me occasion much discomfort if they are somewhat awkwardly done.

The third day spend a half-hour in demonstration a onge bath in bed. Again, use one the nurses for subject and actual bathing arms and feet at least. The fourth day you may omit any teaching whatsoever. If your three nurses put into practice what they have been taught, as they have been taught, they will fairly useful and satisfactory additions the nursing force. A senior nurse, with one such three-day-trained probationer, can accomplish at least two-thirds more than she could alone. Both senior and probationer know well the vast dift'erence there between proper instruction and picking and realize how much more valuable one under the former conditions.

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