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Colorless, translucent, monoclinic prisms, or crystalline crusts more commonly found in the drag-trade as a white powder permanent in the air odorless, and with an agreeable, purely acid taste.

See pharmacopoeial tests for parity, etc.


Refrigerant also used in making various pharmaceutical chemicals. Dose.


Group includes substances which are fluids in the living plants, and which are obtained making incisions, etc.

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So the above definition inspissated juices, that they are more or less completely soluble in water, not sufficient sharply define this group from the next group, the extracts. Extracts are solid plant cell contents, and are dissolved oat from their various plant-sources boiling in water, then evaporating solid extract consistence. pay for freelance writers They also dissolve more or less help writing an essay for college completely in water. There no distinctive characteristic which can differentiate drags the two groups except, in a general way, the greater solubility extracts in water alone, and these two groups might.

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have been placed together, possibly with more propriety than keep them separate. It must admitted that other writers, Maisch for buy a thesis instance, had good cause make one group Extracts and Inspissated Juices the other hand, adds much the students understanding the nature the individual drugs if they In order, however, avoid any difficulty that might arise from an inability distinguish the drugs these two groups any physical characteristics, they are enumerated and compared with each other in one synopsis or descriptive list. Of course, the preparations known as sued or juices can someone write my research paper the British pharmacopoeia have nothing in common with this group in a system pharmacognosy. They are preparations. Guarana might readily taken for an extract or inspissated juice, unless a bit examined under the microscope, and in fact, grouped with these drugs Maisch. It included in the synopsis, with reference its proper group. leaves or rumex fruits adhering heavy narcotic odor opium. in small fragments odor less. Kino.





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