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When put the muscles at absolute rest create certain difficulties, because the normal acts repeated movement insure a certain rate nutrition which brings blood the active parts, and without Avhich the currents flow more largely around than through the muscles. The lessened blood-supply a result diminished functional movement, and need create a constant demand in the inactive parts. legitimate us online casino

But, besides this, every active muscle practically a throbbing best essay website heart, squeezing its vessels empty while in motion, and relaxing, as allow them fill anew. Thus, both for itself and in its relations the rest the body, its activity functionally service. Then, also, the vessels, unaided changes posture and motion, lose tone, and the distant local circuits, for all these reasons, cease receive their normal supply, that defects nutrition occur, and, with these, defects temperature.

Law essay writing services

I was struck with the extent which these evils may in the case, who was brought the Infirmary from New Jersey, having been prone in bed fifteen years. I soon knew that she was free disease, and had stayed in bed at first because there was some lack power and much pain rising, and at last because she had the firm behef that she could not walk.

After a week's massage I made her get I had won her full trust, and she obeyed, or tried obey Hke a child. But she would faint and grow deadly pale, even if seated a short time. The essays writing services heart-beats rose from sixty one hundred and thirty, and grew feeble the breath came fust, and she had lie down at once.

Her skin was dry, sallow, and bloodless. her muscles flabby and when, at last, after a fortnight more, I set her her feet again, she had endure for a time the most dreadful vertigo and alarming palpitations the heart, while her feet, in a few minutes feeble walking, would swell as present the most strange appearance. By and all order custom essays online this went away, and in a month she could walk, sit sew, read, and, in a word, live like others.

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She went home a well-cured woman.

Let think, then, when put a person in bed, that are lessening the heart-beats some twenty a minutCj nearly a third that are making the tardy blood linger in the by-ways the blood-round, for has its by-ways that rest prone binds the bowels, and tends destroy the desire eat and that muscles in rest too long get unhealthy and shrunken in substance.

Bear these ills in mind, and ready meet them, and shall have answered the hard question how help rest without When I first made use this treatment I allowed patients get too suddenly, and in some cases I thus brought relapses and a return the Lecture, eit.

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In the July number the Paris Journal Mental and Nervous Disease an able review lecture, in which are some criticisms which I accept as correct, and which I have used improve statements the causes some the ils rest. feeling painful fatigue. I also saw in some these cases what I still see at times, a rapid loss I now begin permitting the patient sit in bed, then feed herself, and next sit out bed a few minutes at bedtime. In a week, she desired sit fifteen minutes twice a day, and this gradually increased until, at the end twelve weeks, she rests the bed only three five hours daily. Even after she moves about and goes out, I insist for two months absolute repose at least How deprive rest its evils the subject with which I might very well have labelled this chapter. I have pointed out what I mean rest, how hurts, and how seems help and as I believe that useful in most cases only if employed in conjunction with other means, the study these becomes the The two aids which degrees I learned call upon with confidence enable use rest without doing harm are massage and electricity. We have first deal with massage, and I willingly give a chapter careful detail, because as yet little understood in America, and because I have some facts relate in regard which are not known, I think, either side the Atlantic. It many years since I first saw in this city systematic massage used a charlatan in a case progressive buy custom essay online paralysis. The temporary results obtained paper writing services online were remarkable that I began soon after learn what I could its employment and train some the nurses I had in charge cases make use Somewhat later I employed in the earlier cases which I treated rest, and I very soon found that I had in an agent little understood It will necessary, in pursuance plan, describe exactly how this means employed and I can better speak what does after carefully specifying the manner its use.

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