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After a few days the milk diet, with which treatment ordinarily begins, the masseur or masseuse set work.

An hour chosen midway between two meals, and, the patient lying in bed, the manipulator starts at the feet and gently but firmly pinches the skin, rolling lightly between his fingers and going carefully over the whole foot, then the toes are bent and moved about in every direction, write my essay and next with the thumbs and fingers the little muscles the foot are kneaded and pinched more largely, and the inter-osseous groups worked at with the finger-tips between the bones. At last the whole tissues the foot are seized with both hands and somewhat firmly rolled about. Next the ankles are dealt with in like fashion, all the crevices be tween the articulating bones being sought out and kneaded, while the joint put in every possible position. The leg next treated, first surfacepinching, and then deeper grasping the areolar tissue, and last industrious and deeper pinching the large muscular masses, which for this purpose are put in a position the utmost relaxation. The grasp the muscles momentary, and for the large muscles the calf and thigh both hands act, the one contracting as the other loosens its grip. In treating the firm muscles in front the leg, the fingers are made roll the muscle under the cushions the finger-tips. At brief intervals the manipulator best websites for essays seizes the limb in both hands and lightly runs the grasp upwards, as favor the flow venous bloodcurrents, and then returns the kneading the custom coursework writing service The same process need help write my paper carried in every part the body, and especial care given the muscles the loins and spine, while usually the face not touched. The belly first treated pinching the skin, then deeply grasping and rolling the muscular walls in the hands, and at last the whole belly kneaded with the heel the hand in a succession rapid, deep movements, passing around in the direction the colon. It depends very much the strength, endurance, and practice the manipulator how much good done these manoeuvres.

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At first or for a few sittings they are very gentle, but degrees they may made more rough, and if the masseur a good one astonishing uk dissertation how much strength may used without hurting the patient.

The early treatments should last half an hour and should increased degrees one hour, after which should follow an hour absolute repose.

After the first few days I like the rubber keep the part constantly lubricated with cocoa-oil, which agreeable in odor, and which keeps well even in warm weather if a little lime-water left standing the top Vaseline also a good lubricant, and both these agents make the skin smooth and As soon as a part has been manipulated should In men who are hairy often needful have the limbs shaved, because the constant pull made the hairs gives rise very troublesome and painful boils. The early use massage apt in some nervous women cause increased nervousness and even loss sleep but these symptoms may safely disregarded, because they pass away in a few days, and very soon the patient begins find the massage delightfully soothing and complain when omitted. Women who have a sensitive abdominal surface or ovarian tenderness have course handled with care, but in a few days a practiced rubber will degrees intrude upon the tender regions, and will end kneading them with all desirable force.

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The same remarks apply the spine when hurt a touch, and very rare indeed find persons whose irritable spots cannot at last rubbed and kneaded their permanent profit. The daily massage kept through at least six weeks, and then, if everything seems to going along well, I direct the rubber spend half writings services the hour in exercising the limbs as a preparation for walking.

This done after the Swedish plan, making movements flexion and extension, which the patient taught resist.

At the seventh week the treatment used alternate days, and commonly laid aside when the patient gets and begins move about. During the past year, several the members the staff the Infirmary for Nervous Disease, and especially colleague, Dr. Wharton Sinkler, have obliged studying with care the influence massage temperature, and as this some very interesting results have been obtained. In general, when begin rub a highly hysterical person the legs are apt grow cold under the stimulation, and if this continues complained no very good omen the ultimate success the treatment. But usually in a few days a change takes place, and the limbs all grow warm when kneaded, as happens in most people from the beginning the treatment. The extreme low temperatures the limbs children suffering with so-called essential paralysis well known. I have frequently seen these strangely cold parts rise, under an hour's massage, six ten degrees In such small limbs, the long contact a warm hand may account for at least a part this notable rise in temperature.





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