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The coarse, obscene joke could not, however, incite laughter, because would cause shame or appear disgusting can laugh only when wit comes our We have now demonstrated what was said at the outset, namely, that the tendency wit has access other sources pleasure than the harmless wit, in which all pleasure depends the technique. We cheap custom research paper are, however, in no position distinguish in the tendency wit what part the pleasure originates from the technique and what part from help me write a thesis the tendency. Strictly speaking, not know over what are laughing. When examine the role wit in the service the hostile tendency at once meet with similar conditions. Since our individual childhood and the childhood human civilization our hostile impulses toward our fellow beings, like our sexual strivings, have been subjected restrictions and repressions.

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Even to-day are not yet ready love our enemies and extend them our left cheek after are smitten the right. Never theless, have made some progress in controlling our hostile feelings. Higher civilization and culture trains suppress the hostile disposition are taught that undignified use insulting language, and even the means combat have been markedly restricted. Society as the third person in the combat, for the protection its own interest, prevents from expressing our hostile feelings in action and hence, as in the sexual aggression, there has developed a new technique invective, the aim which enlist the third person against our enemy.

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By belittling and humbling our enemy, scorning and ridiculing him, indirectly obtain the pleasure his defeat through the laughter the third The wit hostile aggression gives the means make our enemy ridiculous, which, account the existing hindrances, could not effected in any other way in other words, wit affords the means surmounting the restrictions and opening the otherwise inaccessible pleasure sources. Because the gain in pleasure fascinates the hearer take our part, even if not convinced just as are wont overestimate the substance witty remarks when are fascinated their technique.

By way illustration the following example may cited Wendell Phillips, according the recent i need help writing a personal statement biography Dr.

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Lorenzo Sears, one occasion, lecturing in Germany, and while a railroad journey going keep one his appointments, met in the car a number clergymen returning from some sort convention. One the ministers felt called upon approach Mr. Phillips, and asked him, Are you Mr.

Phillips? I sir.

Are you trying free the niggers? Yes, I an abolitionist.

Well, fellowship personal statement writing service why you preach your doctrines here Why don't you over into Kentucky? Excuse are you a preacher? I sir.

Are you trying save souls from hell? Yes, sir, that's business. Well why don't you there? The assailment hurried into the smoker amid a roar paper writer services unsanctified laughter. This anecdote nicely illustrates the tendency wit in the service hostile aggression. The minister's behavior was offensive and irritating, yet Wendell Phillips as a man culture could not defend himself in the same buy university thesis manner as a common ill-bred person would have done, and as his inner feelings must have prompted him The only alternative under the circumstances would have been take i need help with college essay the affront in silence, had not wit showed him the way, and enabled him the technical means unification turn the tables his assailant. He not only belittled him and turned him into ridicule, but his clever retort, Well, why don't you there? fascinated the other clergymen, and thus brought them his side. The anecdote the two lawyers mentioned We have now shown that the pleasure found in wit produced the one hand the technique, and the other essay cheap hand the tendency. We will next endeavor discover the common source uniting the two.





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