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Stalin's heirs are a different breed. They are cold, calculating men, who want convert communism from its present pseudo-religious state into a sober political institution.

Let hope they will succeed for if they should, communism must eventually lose its mystical hold the European soul. None the powerful political movements our era were born in the hearts the masses. They arose in the souls small groups individuals, individuals whose minds rejected spiritual concepts traditional religion but whose hearts were full mystical longing.

The result such inner conflict necessity some form illness.

The masses in their subconscious hunger for the spiritual merely followed the individual fanatic as they would have followed a truly great leader.

Thus the problems our time cannot solved online help writing essay political, economic, or social reforms alone they are deeply rooted in the unfulfilled and often hidden longings the human soul.

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The plight modern man, torn between materialistic thought habits and an Innate spiritual longing, at last finding best professional cv writing services growing recognition in sermons, appeals, and publications.

Many eminent personalities, such as Toynbee, Myers, and Du Noiiy have devoted their lives proving that science and religion need not contradict each other. Much has been achieved, and yet the general trend toward materialism, with all its dire consequences, still gaining, and drawing additional strength from many and varied sources.

There are powerful political interests determined further their own objectives making use man's unfulfilled spiritual longing there are well-intended but confusing philosophical doctrines hiding errors in logic behind a screen unintelligible terms and there the deep-rooted intellectual conceit in the minds the too highly specialized. But the greatest obstacle blocking the way inner security man's ignorance basic psychological principles which could serve as keys the crucial problems humanity. Without such keys the countless well-meant efforts bring man back a more spiritual understanding life are theoretical rather than practical value for they are likely show the goal without pointing out the path which leads Current religious endeavors can roughly divided into two categories.

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They work predominantly either man's emotions The emotional approach finds its expression in revival movements as well as in many sermons and admonitions.

Yet exhortations more spiritual somewhat resemble a doctor's advice his patient hurry and get well.

If the doctor has made the correct diagnosis and selected essay review service the right remedies, such an appeal may very helpful if not, can bring only temporary relief, often followed frustration and despair. Sermons and exhortations are great value those who seek them they can little for the growing number people who accept guidance only from the intellect. Nor can they really heal the ever-widening rift between faith and reason, a rift which threatens even the deeply religious. Although in the free world a resurgent interest in religion and an unprecedented rise in the membership hospitals exist, must not forget that religion today still confined the realm emotions and has little influence buy college research paper the trend materialistic thinking and the conduct everyday life. If someone were tactless enough stand in hospital protest the unscientific attitude the with its references angels, visions, and supernatural interferences, a storm indignation would arise and put the offender in his place. But what would happen if an ordinary weekday a faithful parishioner were confronted a stranger who believed without question academic essay writer in the existence angels, archangels, and supernatural events? Would not consider the man feeble-minded, say the least? Yet such an attitude reduces his Sunday consciousness the level hypocrisy or superstition, essay writing service forum and thus widens the split in the subconscious reaches his own mind. On the other hand, intellectual efforts reconcile modern thought habits with religion vary greatly in usefulness and understanding. Some them are rather naive, some highly scientific and elaborate, but almost all try subordinate spiritual concepts the dictates present-day thinking, and fit them into the scope an intellectual world picture. True, modern man has reached a state evolution in which the voice faith must corroborated reason, but this cannot attained despiritualization the spirit nor can achieved setting our limited intelligence as the final measure truth.





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