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The others are deflected from the sexual aims and utilized for other purposes.

This the called process sublimation. During the sexual latency period four beginning puberty, nine eleven reaction formations like shame, loathing and mortality, are formed in the psychic life the individual at the cost the excitements furnished these erogenous zones, which online college writing help act as dams for the later sexual activity.

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The anal zone one the components the sexual impulse which, though active in infancy, falls into disuse in the course development, cheap essay writer for our custom essay writing sites present cultural life does not use for sexual purposes. It the reaction formation this zone that I shall here discuss.

In the course psychoanalysis come across patients who tell that took them a long time learn control their bowels. These patients recall that even in the later years childhood they occasionally met with accidents. When investigate still further find that they belonged that class infants who refused empty their bowels when placed the chamber because i need a research paper done defecation caused them pleasure. A number online essay plagiarism scanner patients clearly recalled that even in later years they obtained pleasure withholding their movements, and i need customized term papers help with a title for my essay that they took an unusual interest their fecal excretions.

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Others remembered that content writing services company they refused move their bowels because they what can i write my essay on did not wish to sleep.

This usually shows that their sexual constitution brought along an enhanced erogenous feeling the anal zone.

As they grew older all these activities disappeared, and instead they manifested a triad qualities which were described Freud in his article Character and Anal Eroticism.

To illustrate this character I shall cite the following case.

X. forty-four years old, divorced, a very successful merchant, was referred for treatment Dr. Peterson.

The patient stated that his present illness dated back his twentieth year. On examination was found that presented a typical compulsion neurosis, and that some the compulsive ideas were as follows. When eating soup would think urine when eating sausage would have think feces. The noise an auto horn made him think a flatus or horse's flatus, account which gave automobile riding. On going sleep became obsessed visions people having need someone to write my paper need help writing a thesis statement movements the bowels. A woman's mouth made him think the rectum, her eyes recalled the anus. Shaking hands with a person recalled a man using toilet paper. Looking at big fat persons would obsess him with thoughts their fecal excrements, the size, consistency, etc. A person with protruding teeth would recall feces protruding from the anus.





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