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Particles dust, bits cotton or jute fibre from the original package, insect or vegetable scales or hair, etc. legitimate us online casino

are often and unavoidably present. Many writers recommend that drawings the objects made the aid the camera lucida, but this a useless waste time, as the specimen itself may reexamined whenever one wishes All slides should kept in trays, lying flat, and protected from frost in winter and from too great heat in summer.

If pictures are desired, preferable i need help writing my thesis photograph the object, and a few words in regard sketching and photographing the microscopical preparation will therefore value. The alumni a college, for instance, could a great work for the furtherance pharmaceutical education, if they became Interested in such work, photographing preparations official and officinal drags, and making lantern slides the same then the alumni association, gathering these from its various members, could from time time, donate such collections the college, enabling year after year illustrate more and more ally the subject pharmacognosy. Many the alumni are no doubt amateur photographers why could they not occasionally photograph a nook in the fields or woods, a verdure clothed bank the road or streamside, a corner the fence, etc. showing our indigenous medicinal plants as they grow.

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A photograph a flowering branch, or a twig with fruit, showing the botanical features these wild-growing plants in detail, would all valuable and welcome additions the illustrative material and appliances any college phar macy, and eacj contributor such a collection. would not only have pleasure in the work itself, but would feel gratification in the thought that had contributed the success the college his choice, and the name the label his contribution would keep his name in grateful remembrance in the college.

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It may interest some know how photograph microscopical preparations in an easy manner and without expensive apparatus.

I therefore describe own apparatus, which figured herewith.

It consists a wooden box, about five feet in length one end a closed box a with door and European iron roof and chimney, made perfectly light-tight, even the holes for ventilation or draught being covered the inside in such a manner that no ray light can escape. The other part the box open one side and the inside this part the box stained a dull black.

In this part a stand or frame slides backward and forward, in which a hole inches in size has been cut with its center exactly opposite the center the lens, which will presently described.

The front this hole covered a thin sheet zinc plate in which has been cut very accurately a hole three and one-eighth inches in diameter, and in such a manner that when a photographic plate put in the frame behind the zinc the hole will centered over the plate, leaving about one sixteenth an inch the plate above and below this margin the zinc. The plate held tightly in place a spring clip. In the partition between the short closed and long open part the box a hole also cut and either within this wooden partition or the side towards the open part the box a sliding shatter Is Attached which caa palled oat and poshed knob the oateldu, and the side towards the closed part the box a brass plate with screw-thread carry a microscope objective Is firmly fastened. This The stage movable, sliding a groove, aud moved back or forward a milled wheel attached a long screw, the focusing wheel being shown In figure the box. The upright stage Is like a plain microscope stage and holds the slide or object photographed means two spring clips. Any method illumination cao used an electric incandescent light, a microscope lamp with coodeuser, or a plain thesis template coal oil lamp with bull's eye condenser, or the whole apparatus help writing essay editor service assignments may open at the end opposite the stage and fitted Into the shatter a dark room that a hellostat mirror may made throw din sunlight the object photographed. In this case, however, a dark room write my paper for me fast necessary and the apparatus mast St Into the shatter closely that no rays light are admitted. I prefer a coal oil or a Welsbach gas light. To photograph with the latter light no dark definition essay help room Is necessary, any room answering the purpose a dark night. Any dark room lantern with ruby light used. To photograph, place the object the stage, adjust the illumination and close the door the closed part the apparatus.

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