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In removing clothing from the bed careful avoid handling or shaking as much as possible, and have the sheet, wet with disinfectant, spread out ready receive The floors should course, uncarpeted, and should washed daily with the disinfectant solution and the woodwork Articles such as scraps or garbage or trash any kind burnt should wrapped in old newspapers and consigned Insist having a set dishes specially for the patient, and boil these every day.

Paper napkins, which can destroyed after using, are preferable linen for the tray, both for patient and nurse.

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All salt, pepper, sugar dishes, etc.

should remain in the patient's room, likewise the glasses, spoons and silverware.

The nurse's dishes should scalded before i need help to write essay returning the kitchen.

In help me write my thesis many city homes the nurse must use the same bath room used the family, and the bath room furnishes, perhaps, best custom essay writing services the greatest danger. In such cases wise insist a covered slop can kept in writing service level agreements the patient's room, or a large, deep slop-jar can utilized receive urine, water from hands, from glasses, etc.

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A covered jar for drinking water will also needed.

With these conveniences possible for the nurse get along with but one or two trips the bath room each day.

She, herself, should oversee the cleaning and disinfection this room. For the nurse's own protection she should have her own drinking glasses. She must especially careful, especially in diphtheria cases, about not moistening her finger turn charts, and fastidious about the use soap and water the hands after handling or touching the patient.

Before meals she should both scrub and disinfect her hands, but the liberal and constant and intelligent use soap and water the hands probably her most important personal preventive measure and one emphasized in instructions the family. When buying a research paper becomes necessary for one the family relieve her, as usually does, the three things which I feel most like insisting are that the hair shall covered. with a close-fitting dusting cap which left in the room or the hair can closely pinned in a towel, that a cotton dress which also can left behind and an old pair shoes which will remain in the room w'orn. The hair particularly likely carry disease germs, and easy see how a paraphrasing site mother who fondles her little ones and hold them in her arms can infect them germs from her hair, after all other possible precautions seem have been The methods fumigation after a case concluded are well known and need no special mention, but I feel that as nurses cannot insist too strongly the probability infection contact and the means ONE the most useful all nursing measures the wet-sheet pack, hot or cold. It one that can utilized almost anywhere and for a great variety In over ten years experience with typhoid patients I have learned depend the cold pack as one the very valuable remedial measures, and rarely has failed the desired results. Its general effects have proven better with than cold sponging and much less exhausting both patient and nurse. However useful the Brand bath may its application outside hospitals limited and accompanied In giving the wet-sheet pack reduce fever two or three points are important First, I would mention the necessity having the pack tucked in close the skin at all points, especially between the legs and under the arms. In putting have the patient lift the arms above the head, tuck in snugly the sides, lower the arms and either wrap them in separate towels or turn back the sheet well over them. The shivering which some patients complain largely due the fact that the pack not in contact with the best essay writing service online skin all over the In giving a pack a fever patient in a private home necessary extremely careful the bed, and though I prefer sprinkling owl purdue paraphrasing the pack with ice water when begins warm I find safer resume writing service remove the wet sheet, wring again out cold water and reapply this when one pack does not sufficiently reduce the temperature. In some cases necessary repeat the pack four or five times within an hour secure the results desired, when the temperature The feet should not included in the cold pack, and if they are cold they nearly always are should have a hot bottle them while the pack being given. The head not the face should wrapped in a cold compress. Besides reducing the fever the effect the pack wonderfully soothing and quieting.

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