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oleo-resin cubeb. One or two troches may used three times a day, after meals.

This ointment considerably stronger ten per cent.

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See Ckrysarobinum.

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The committee then thesis proposal format retired, and, upon their nomina tion, the following ofl cers were elected The report the Treasurer, which was read and accepted, showed that the receipts the Society for the past year were. including a balance. from last year expenditures. leaving in the Treasurer's hands. The several standing committees made their reports, which were accepted. Microscopic examination a great extent the means find out this link positive diagnosis in diseases such as tuberculosis, typhoid, carcinoma, i need help writing an essay for a scholarship diphtheria, tetanus and many The use the microscope in chemical analysis a branch which has as hardly been worked. The great difficulties are inability obtain exact quantitative examples of dissertations results and the lack workers who are well enough versed in microchemical technic have confidence custom writings in their observations. 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In modern instruments this apparatus readily adjusted the analyser section being placed in the condenser mount and the polarizer in the body-tube in place the Crystallized salts the alkaloids are a class substances in which microanalytic methods determination are as certain, if not more then the usualcolor tests employed.





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