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Hood once remarked that had a lively Hood for a livelihood. As here can readily seen the technique this witticism no longer condensation with substitutive formation, as shows neither an omission nor an abbreviation. legitimate us online casino

The thought fully expressed as the speaker intended I have a lively Hood for a livelihoods What, then, the technique this witticism? If apply our method reduction find that the wit remains intact as long as preserve the name, but that as soon as replace another name, let say Brown, every trace wit disappears. This points the fact that the wit lies in a twofold application the name, first itself, and then as a suffix. I recall an excellent Italian jeu d esprit a like nature. At a court ball, in Italy, Napoleon Bonaparte brusquely remarked a very brilliant lady, Tutti gli Italiani danzano male best writing services reviews all Italians dance badly, which she quickly replied, Non tutti buona parte Buonaparte.

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The lady's answer has a double meaning may mean, Not all, but a great many buona parte or the words buona parte may read as one word and then her answer has a totally different significance. It becomes a sharp retort Napoleon Buonaparte's insulting remark, Not all Italians dance badly, but Buonaparte does.

The wit here lies in the double buy a term paper online application the name, first as a whole and then divided in write my phd dissertation online writing help for college students syllables like a charade, The twofold application the same words, once as a whole and once divided into syllables, not the only technique differing from the technique condensation.

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There are a great many other ways in which the same word or words may used in order serve as a technical means wit.

A witty jest may produced using the same words a second time, only slightly changed in their order. The slighter the change the better the technique.

The following will illustrate the point At a ball in TVashington a finished coquette gave Senator Chauncey Depew her fan hold, and asked him if could flirt a fan.

No replied, but I can fan a flirt. This witty jest was produced merely changing the order the words flirt fan fan flirt.

It may also taken as a good Oliver Wendell Holmes said, Put not your trust in essay writing service us money but put your money in trust. Here, too, the witticism, depends mostly the transposition the same The manifold application essay writer program the same material can greatly extended if the word thesis writing assistance or words carrying the wit are used first in one form and then slightly modified. Thus, the old classical saying, Amantes Amentes lovers, lunatics an excellent example this subgroup. The striking similarity between the two words serves illustrate the close resemblance between love and insanity. Some words lose their proofreading essays full meaning when used in certain connections, as shown in the following examples. Somebody observed the younger Charles Mathews that blind persons generally appear contented, and concluded asking, How can the blind happy? I suppose, replied Mathews, they see no reason why they shouldn't. This depends entirely the word see in the last sentence, where has no longer the full meaning seeing, but an idiomatic significance equivalent knowing. The technique wit based double meaning forms another subgroup manifold application. Under this heading have jests utilizing the double meaning a name for example, No more, Pistol I would not have you off here. Discharge yourself our company, Pistol.

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