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North Branched, roanded or sub-quadrangular twigs with four rows scaly leaves, imbricate, lanceolate and acute I scales long, with a longitudinal groove or depression the outer Borface, or back the color a fresh drug should essay community service greenish, not brown the odor bin thin ate and the taste disagreeably bitterish and acrid. The drawing shows the scales magnified five diameters.

Volatile oil, resin, tannin, etc. Irritant diuretic, emmenagogne and vermifuge.

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Broom, which should the flowering tops, consists occasionally slender naked twigs, which are in reality the axes inflorescences from which the Short, pale, grayish-green pieces twigs, with smooth-cut ends usually hollow. D Pate-green, Ave or six-angled stems, with clusters spines the edges. It.


The first, second or third year's twigs Solatium Dulcamara Solanacea.

B. Europe and North America.

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