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After the specimen has been examined It may washed off in water, or in a little alcohol if necessary, and the glasses rubbed dry with a bit tissue paper. Bnt if wish preserve the specimen for future study, a permanent mount must made. The same kind glass slides, three one Inches, Is used, but It would well have an assortment essay revision service sizes cover glasses, some onehalf, five-eighths and three-fourth inches in diameter.

A few dozen small brass curtain rings, five-eighths inch outside diameter, should also obtained. The appliances required for making permanent mounts are few and Inexpensive the student should procure a few camel hair pencils a few watchglasses or one-half ounce or one ounce white porcelain ointment jars essay writers online with covers a delicate pair scissors one or two small knives similar the smallest knives In a student's dissecting case a few needles, the eye ends which have been poshed Into the ends small wooden handles, for which cheap pen-holders will answer very well. A few spring clips for holding the cover glasses may bought from the optician.

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A few one-ounce vials are provided with perforated corks in which ordinary pipette medicine droppers are inserted that the end the pipette will reach nearly the bottom the vUl.

A few small bell glasses cover slides which are In process preparation and protect them from dust may also used, bat placing such slides in the bottom empty cigar boxes and closing the lid Is just as good.

In the vials with pipettes pot in one glycerin in another creosote water In a third a mixta glycerin and water and add a few ordinary vials, one containing alcohol, one absolute alcohol and one oil cloves. Evaporate a few ounces clear, clean Canada balsam until thick and nearly solid cooling. Poor one-half ounce this thick balsam, while warm, into a vial and add one-half Hold oonce chloroform leave the balance the balsam in Its thick condition.

Set all these vials in a closet or deep cigar box where they are protected from dost.

Boy a small vial each, Brunswick black, zinc white, and If economy does not forbid, a section-cotter and a selfcentering torn-table may added, bot the latter are not necessary for serviceable work, bot they add moch the mechanical perfection the finished slides. There are practically three methods mounting slides dry in a solid medium or in fluids. We will first consider dry mounts. Of many drugs need simply examine the surfaces, for instance, when comparing digitalis leaves with mullein leaves which are said occasionally added or substituted for the first or in examining seeds and fruits like anise, etc.

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First Prepare the slide pasting in the center a disc black needle paper, or white paper, made punching with a punch such as used for making gun-wads then punch similar discs from different thickness paper, cardboard and thin paste-board.

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