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Intellectual progress with its encroachments youth may have been inevitable the present time, but must not further and carry into a future living death, a future in which most children will become little adults and most adults The modern child does not desire remain forever in his Garden Eden nor should He, too, longs partake the fruits knowledge, and become free choose between good and evil.

His questions are therefore chiefly concerned with one problem How can innate intuitive world translated into intellectual concepts, and how can I find place in the material world the senses? But instead building a bridge firmly anchored in the realm childhood a bridge over which the young individual can travel, need essay proofreading services someone write my paper taking with him all his treasures attack his world with all the empty abstractions our own clever intellectuality.

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Thus not only rob the child his childhood, but destroy the continuity his consciousness, dooming him remain forever a stranger in a world deprived deeper meaning. Intellectual analysis and scientific knowledge ghostwriter needed represent essential parts the bridge, the parts the span called adolescence and early maturity.

When offered too early, they become harmful the small child who in our time already in great danger losing his rich inner life in the course his journey.

Let assume a child asks why a stone falls the earth.

If receives an answer at all, will have some bearing the law gravity.

But what gravity? Has even the greatest mind ever explained it? What call the laws gravity are merely outer manifestations the intangible force attraction between two bodies. As a matter fact, the more intellectual become, and the more learn about details and mechanisms, the further remove ourselves from the comprehension the whole. The child feels this immediately and counters abstract explanations with a most sensible proposal writing services response, an endless series Whys? Usually the conversation ends with mutual resentment essay writers for hire or frustration. Yet not too difficult answer the child's question, provided keep in mind that closer than a grasp causality, and merely requests a translation his intuitive comprehension into intellectual terms.

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True, not versed in physical laws, but the normal child does know affinity his parents, his home separated from them, has already experienced moments longing and loneliness. These emotions are self-explanatory his intuitive consciousness and, therefore, never subjects for his famous Why? If were told, You see, stones are as heavy and hard as the rocks under your feet there, where they belong, where their home where they want and if were given the stone hold, that could feel its weight its desire return the ground, would permitted an inner experience more akin a true understanding gravity than any physicist's treatise could convey. Nature reveals her secrets those who open their hearts her. If are at all willing see truth in artistic experience, should seek also in the universal world folklore which, since times immemorial, has likened flowers and blossoms the sun and the stars.

The child who asks why a flower grows upwards how to buy an essay online usually satisfied when told that the living plant a child the sky, which wants return, just as the stone held in his hand, wanted return earth.

In this best essay writer company essay writing service reviews way the bond that links the heart every baby the soul nature remains unbroken the flower, the stone, and eventually all creatures custom my essay become brothers and sisters the growing child. Yet, what had been instinctive and amoral before now becomes a moral obligation. For, if the power intellect not misused the detriment intuitive comprehension, becomes its guide love. In short, the child who has gained the power speech asks his first questions find, out how the outer world can related his inner life. Unconsciously craves knowledge about the thesis for dummies strange and wonderful world the senses, a knowledge that will acceptable his still intellectually untrained mind. It this yearning from which his endless questions spring. The answers ordinarily receives contain no reality they are mere abstractions wiiich leave him. confused and dissatisfied, even dully resentful. What develops under their influence a starved soul, an individual without ability love or respect the world around him.





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