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Deep down in our hearts fear that intuitive perception, should actually work, might give the lie all our religious and ideological traditions. Out this fear come almost hysterical outcries against anyone suggesting that man not only can but must develop his God-given faculties intuition if protect his sanity and orientation under the present onslaught Of course, all unnatural attempts at developing these faculties world estrangement, denial logic, material science, and sensual reality, are rejected, and most all the present trend toward such vision-inducing drugs as mescalin and its chemical substitutes.

But there are ways within the sphere common sense, suggested all great religions and its very laws, ways which can lead a happier and saner future. If the lessons history are at all valid, must conclude that all the truly great deeds humanity were done those who had the courage break through the narrow confines a merely sense-bound consciousness. Their capacity for intuitive perception varied, and did their teachings but basically they all agreed that a spiritual reality exists, accessible those who Once this recognized, our responsibility clear. It prove the reality our ideals i need help writing an analysis essay devising a form psychology which takes into full consideration the human True, must continue fight the physical plane, If need with force arms. But while liberties can defended, freedom must won, and the fight for freedom must take place in a sphere which qualitatively different from the material plane which the Communists have become the champions our disenchanted age.

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To stress the difference between spiritual and material battlegrounds, have brought together in this chapter such apparently incongruous subjects as an individual's struggle for inner freedom and the plight millions deprived their liberties. To the high priests communism, individual freedom an error biological evolution, an error which must eradicated if the human species ever enjoy peace and social justice. In order achieve this goal a small clique dictators seeks control over the whole world, principally for one purpose the remodeling the individual through controlled education into the likeness a well-conditioned animal or a calculating machine with built-in reactions.

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The Soviets have made great forward strides in their gigantic scheme. Why? First, because being thoroughly materialistic ourselves, have refused believe buy an essay cheap that at least some our adversaries might actually possessed a dynamic, though misled, idealism.

coursework project And since have failed understand our enemies, have been incapable combating them.

Second, because dictatorship eminently expedient for the achievement imperialistic goals. Third, because the Soviets, unlike ourselves, have made a clear moral choice, a negative one sure, but one which best serves their purpose. Soviet statesmanship has entered the power sphere what must call evil, and has learned draw strength thesis help services The Communist leader no longer hampered moral qualms his decisions can swift and the point has decided that good whatever can serve his cause. Light always stronger than darkness, but darkness will prove more than a match for moral indecision, which neither white nor black. This drifting around in an ideological twilight our greatest danger.

We feel clearly enough that communism evil, but our vision dim that cannot decide just where its evil lies.

We have sought In Soviet Russia's socialistic philosophy and in her deification autocrats in their quest for world domination, and above all in their ruthless thesis writer wanted political methods. But all these are merely the mortal heads the Hydra, which may shed at will. The Communist social order, for instance, ceased exist long ago. Today a considerable number Europeans earn extremely high wages, one hundred thousand dollars a year and dissertation only phd more. They pay relatively low taxes and can bequeath their possessions their families. This the beginning capitalism, and the fact that only a small percentage the population shares in its benefits makes even less socialistic.





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