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But the sun's position the canopy stars changes gradually in the course the seasonal cycles while now stands in the constellation Aquarius, one month from now It will stand in Pisces, another month later, in Aries. Every year the sun travels through all twelve constellations the zodiac. Its present location the star background indicates the instant phase the earth-sun orientation, the present point the need help starting my essay seasonal cycle, the month the calendar and the reference point cheap thesis help the calendar spring equinox, the start new life, the start a new year for most old cultures. Hence the constellation in which the sun stands at the time spring equinox has always been considered great importance governs the new year, and does year after year, for an Yet just as the earth-sun orientation changes through the seasonal cycle, does the orientation the entire earth-sun system against the background the fixed stars.

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Slowly, almost imperceptibly slowly through the centuries, the reference point, the point where the sun stands at equinox the sun's spring point, shifts from constellation constellation, times slower than the sun's seasonal travel and in the opposite direction.

The old Babylonians saw their spring sun in the constellation Taurus the Greeks in Aries the Crusaders in Pisces. Yet imperceptibly small as the shift during one human lifetime, the priestly astronomers ancient cultures proudly indicated their awareness even these minute changes the very emphasis the governing constellation the era was their implication that they had observed the progress even In those days scientific research was not yet exclusively devoted intellectual curiosity, material greed, and construction weapons. Its original purpose was a quest for cognition the divine will.

Since his expulsion from Paradise man was no longer within speaking distance Therefore, had learn how read His messages, or rather need help to write a essay those His servants, in all that happened the physical plane.

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These divine servants were considered the guiding spirits an epoch. Naturally, A phenomenon known as the Precession the Equinox, the ancient astronomer-priest did not seek them in the constellations themselves, but in the power and wisdom that lay behind the constellations. As looked the heavens, pictures must have arisen before his Inner eye pictures which have survived our day as symbols for the star formation In the fourth millennium, Crete's Early Minoan culture started write its chapter the history human consciousness, a few centuries after the sun at the vernal equinox had entered into the sign Taurus, the bull. Thus, In the fascinating language mythology, Zeus assumed the shape a bull when carried Europa Crete, whose whole culture was remain faithful the worship the bull. The Minoan epoch ended In the second millennium, when the sun left Taurus and entered the constellation Aries, the lamb. At about that time the next period began, the age Achaean domination in Greece.

While in that later era the relationship between cosmic and human history was no longer emphasized, its customize writing pattern can still discerned In some the more significant Hellenic myths.

It was a winged ram which Phrixus and Helle fled from the persecution their stepmother and the sea in which the girl found her death was called the Sea Helle the Hellespont. When Phrixus arrived at Colchis, the ram was sacrificed Zeus and its golden fleece, revered as a relic, remained there until Jason and his Argonauts retrieved and brought back the Occident. Still earlier myths Identify the ram with Zeus himself, the god light, from whose forehead sprang Pallas Athena, the goddess art, freedom, and reason, the genius the new enlightened age classical Greece. But then came the fateful decision Paris, prince Troy, which threatened block the flow evolution. Paris, when guarding his flock the legend's usual word for priestly functions, was visited three goddesses who asked him decide which them was the fairest. Man had become the judge gods! And Hermes said Paris Do not afraid! The goddesses have come you that you may judge them. Paris, academic writing advisory service ensnared the magic belt and the promises writing services thesis Aphrodite, chose her in preference Hera and Athene. The two rejected goddesses were genuinely Greek origin, both protectresses law and human rights.

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