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A local irritant. Internally a gastric stimulant and carminative. Dose. Fifteen seventy-five minims, one five cubic centimeters.

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This gum employed in pharmacy form emulsions for the suspension insoluble powders, and better than acacia for emulsions codliver oil. It also used in troches. On the other hand, since does not fully dissolve in water, does not form, like acacia, an agreeable mucilage for demulcent purposes.

Bhizoma Graminis, Radix Graminis Quickgrass, Quickens, Quitch, E.

Petit Chiendent, QuecJcenwurzel, Graswurzel, The root-stocks this troublesome plant contain sugar, which appears its most active constituent.

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It largely used as a demulcent and diluent, more particularly in cystitis and irritation the urinary passages.

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