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Jointed, deeply-wrinkled, flattish, grayish-brown, annulate with darker colored markings Iria Versicolor. Flattish-cylindrical, reddish-brown, with root-scars in wavy lines the Very long, thin, straw-colored, writing and editing services hollow usually cut into pieces about Blue Flag has alieady been mentioned under Group xxii as comes into trade oftener with the rootlets attached than without them, the student referred that group for illustration and description.


Calamus, Sweet Flag. The rhizome A corns Calamus Aracece, Europe and North America. The unpeeled rhizome, which the only kind that should used, comes into trade usually in pieces long somewhat flattened, broad and. thick, wrin, kled longitudinally, and marked, especially the tipper surface, into wedge-shaped or obscurely triangular segments, more or leas distinctly zig-zag or brown or yellowish-brown, and reddish-white within breaks with an abrupt corky fracture, showing an the portion included within the shows the entire parenchyma or fundamental tissue also found in the trade, but as the oil and resincells are especially plentiful in the sub-cuticular dissertation topics in education parenchyma, and moreover, the thick and tough cuticle prevents both access air and evaporation volatile oil, the unpeeled drug decidedly preferred.

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Peeled calamus without the characteristic segments, although shows traces root-scars the lower side deeply wrinkled and sometimes sliced longitudinally, dirty or brownish white when fresh looks very handsome, especially when bleached, but if bleached with chlorinated lime or sulphurous acid utterly unfit for medicinal use. Graminect. Europe and North America.

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A long and branched cheap essay writing services rhizome, about two thick, the internodes about seven long and the nodes usually bare, but sometimes with frayed leaf remnants, best essay more rarely, with a few hair-like rootlets smooth, but wrinkled longitudinally as almost angular, hollow, a pale straw-color, no odor, taste help on writing a research paper sweetish mncilaginouB.

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Aa the drug reaches the retail pharmacist cat into short pieces, about one long, looking much like straw chopped for fodder, and would therefore looked for in Group LXX, where also mentioned.

A transverse section shows the central cavity, the diameter which about the rhizome the tissues consist mainly parenchyma, hexagonally compressed, a nucleus sheath dividing a part fust within the nucleus sheath numerous bundles are closely aggregated, forming a cylinder, while near the outer circumference there are about half a dozen small bundles at equal distances apart. Glucose, triticin resembles inulin, mucilage, etc. Demulcent diuretic. Dose grams The rhizomes should gathered in the fall tne year, after vegetation ceases for the season, or in spring before again commences, and the rootlets should An examination the sections shows the endogenous structure these drugs.

blog writing services packages The group includes those endogenous rhizomes in which the length not much more than two or three times the thickness Flattiah, lobed, peeled or unpeeled, rhizomes, annulate with lightercolored wavy leaf-sheaths Gaianga. Cylindrical or oval yellowish-gray Flat, somewhat ham-shaped, grayish similarly shaped smaller lobes attached Iris Florentina.

Very hard, irregular, massive tuberous rhizomes, reddish-brown, with funnel-shaped stem-scars China umi thesis Rhuoma. Sub-cylindrical, curved, grayishbrown rhizome without rootlets.. HeioniM. Light-reddish or legit research paper writing services brownish-gray circular disks, or in longitudinal Ginger. The rhizome Zingiber officinale Scitaminece. Cultivated in tropical countries. D.





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