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It has the advantage being easily administered, either rubbed with milk or water or in powder with sugar milk. Dose. Of pure scammony, which almost the same thing as the resin, five fifteen grains the commercial, ten twenty, in proportion the amount impurity.

The chemistry squill not satisfactorily made out, but probably contains a bitter principle called scillitin, and an acrid one not isolated.

Scillitin and squill cause vomiting and purging when given in large doses, together with dyspnoea, bloody urine, coma, and convulsions. Death from squill said accompanied cessation the heart's action in systole. Smaller doses produce effects closely akin those digitalis in rendering the pulse slower and more forcible, and increasing the flow urine. The expectorant effect with which universally credited shown only clinical observation, and not physiological experiment.

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Squill used chiefly in respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis and croup, partly in small doses as an expectorant without Emetic action, and partly in larger ones as an emetic. For the latter purpose, as in croup, generally given with some other emetic. The officinal compound syrup squill contains, in addition the squill, tartar emetic.

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It frequently employed in dropsy with digitalis, which assists in its diuretic action as well as in strengthening the heart, likely weakened in dropsical cases even when the effusions are not the direct Dose.

One three grains, six twenty centigrammes. which may gradually increased eight, half a gramme.

It may easily given in pill. essay writer services As an expectorant the syrup most benefits of paraphrasing writing services nyc frequently used. This plant has long been known as an efficient diuretic. It contains scoparin, a neutral and probably not important principle, and the alkaloid spartein, together with a considerable proportion potassa salts. Although spartein has some action as a cardiac and nervous sedative, its physiological effects are not developed in the doses broom help writing term papers in ordinary use. Broom used in dropsy, either alone or more usually with other diuretics. The decoction generally used. Of this, made the general rule, four eight ounces, thesis coaching somewhat diluted, may taken in the course Possesses the mild effects many labiatse. It has been supposed have a special action the nervous system in controlling restlessness, spasmodic affections, and slight pain, but there no sufficient evidence that possesses any powers beyond those many other mints, which, indeed, does business plan writing services not share the aromatic smell and taste. Its claims as preventing or curing hydrophobia possess only a historical interest. It rather bulky given in a pill, but two or three grains can used in this way.





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