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There are indeed old legends bom superstition and phantasy claiming that once moved.

But, from the very first, laboratory tests have failed support these claims.

The scientists who have examined state emphatically that never really moved, in spite their efforts rearrange its particles custom thesis writing services and remove all superfluous parts This Is exactly the attitude which modern metasclence has assumed toward the problem cognition. life of luxury slot machine for pc

help with homework handwriting homework paper writers Its errors He In the fact that can no more hope understand a clock, much less a plant, from the structure its minutest building stones than can expect understand man's living personality Man enters the world as the physical manifestation a divine thought leaves owing disintegration his body into its molecular and chemical particles. The latter are tokens decomposition they tell nothing his origin.

Yet not need look at man entities far less complex than such as plants, minerals, or even simple tools, defy comprehension through analysis alone. The reality all that exists lies midway between two qualitatively different principles.

One the creative idea which an object owes its origin, the other its tangible structure made a multitude In ancient times the human mind was incapable fully appreciating physical reality because as too strongly attracted the idea behind or within Not that ancient man himself was morally better or less destructive than his modem descendant, but was closer the childhood state the world, and therefore more capable discovering and mastering the forces creation than those dissolution.

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Thus even his inventive genius as more effective in the ways building than in those destruction.

Regardless how hard tried, his war machines were insignificant as compared with his discoveries in the world agriculture, art, and the sciences. In short, improved rather than endangered the chances for Now the opposite true. Although more concerned with the preservation life and much more afraid death than his ancestors, modern man constantly stumbles onto discoveries which are more destructive than constructive. In cognition as well as in inventiveness, has overstepped the line balance and now in danger sliding will you write my paper for me into the valley death.

This charge may sound absurd when applied a generation which labors incessantly probe life in order maintain and i increase the earth's population and one which the very word death becoming unmentionable. Yet just essay editor online as the young and vital person readier give his life than the old and sick, intuitive and creative eras know less fear death than predominantly intellectual civilizations.

Modern science has been very successful in prolonging the life span man, with the result that an exploding world population endangers the very survival the human race.

Years ago, long before the Communists seized power in his country, a prominent Chinese physician traveled through Europe a good-will tour. He used ever occasion convey the public his government's heartfelt assurances gratitude a phrase However, at one occasion was during a small dinner party our guest spoke in a different vein. He pointed out that many centuries ago, when the West was still ruled illiterate savages the Chinese were already the world's greatest experts in the sciences government and administration. Do you really think asked, that the oldest and wisest people this earth, needed you, administer our country? True, epidemics, hunger, droughts, and floods have ravaged China child mortality was high and life expectancy low. But all her misery, heartbreaking as a minor evil as compared the catastrophes come, catastrophes you have conjured your arrogant and stupid interference. Our leaders have known for ages that the life forces a country must rise and ebb according higher laws. In this age they let nature take her toll China's population. Tiy? For the same reason that gardeners prune and cover a precious tree before a long cold winter, that may blossom more beautifully and bear better fruit in the year come. But you interfered and thus endangered our great mission for the future, which our scholars have foretold for many centuries.

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