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At an early age the child still capable reaching the world intuitively. If this contact kept alive, factual knowledge and intellectual explanation will carry the sphere thinking and action.

i need help writing a personal statement A child who loves the world because finds his own emotions reflected in its laws attraction and repulsion, cycles and rhythms, will eager know more about As a rule, no one very much interested in the names and habits strangers, and will not remember them for long.

Names and habits friends, however, are important. The child who knows a flower, who learns love and watch climb toward the sun, will have no difficulty in recalling its name and The fate our civilization help me write my paper may well depend the answers our children receive their questions. Mastery the atomic age requires a strong capacity for imaginative and creative thinking, a capacity whose wellspring the consciousness childhood. The channels from this fountain youth must cleared and guarded that they may flow into adolescence and adulthood otherwise future generations will even less capable than ours mastering their problems.

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Possibly due the materialistic climate into which children are born today, their reservoir youthfulness shallow enough.

In their questions they ask for help, only receive answers which dim further the light their intuitive consciousness and thus deprive them an irreplaceable source happiness and future strength. For purely intellectual knowledge, when offered too early, will block the child's intuitive lifeline as effectively as lime will clog the narrow shaft a well. In the previous chapter have tried show how such damage could averted. Obviously, the individual child not wiser than the average adult, but fully dependent his guidance and leadership. Yet the consciousness which sustains the child richer and far closer reality than the thinking habits modern intellectualism.

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Possibly owing the fact that few them were ever granted the blessings real childhood, the majority today's parents and teachers know little about need someone to write my essay the psychology the normal child.

The clue his consciousness lies in mythology and folklore, which carry in an Indelible script an imprint the childhood the human race itself. This not true fairy tales invented clever individuals, but those which, emerging as archetypal images in the consciousness generations, have been preserved through the ages.

In folklore this sort, figures and images are similar the world over and in them the last residues the One Language linger, the language which was confounded when man set out his material conquest earth and sky.

Modern child psychologists make a tragic error when they frown fairy tales, and blame them for untoward effects which result, actually, from a wrong emotional attitude the part the storyteller professional letter writing services himself. For centuries, as all know, generation after generation has grown under the influence fairy tales, become far i need help writing an apa paper less neurotic and desperate than modern youth and many years caring for problem children have convinced the protection from anxiety and criminal urges that folklore When tell a fairy tale a child, must never forget that deals primarily with man's inner life, his soul life. Its characters represent psychological qualities rather than people flesh and blood. Its kingdoms are not this world they symbolize the vast, partly hidden realms the human soul. In these realms, unselfish will and purified emotion must find their union as prince and princess, rule their domain with the help reason grown into wisdom. Such wisdom, according the fairy tale, found in nature. choosing a thesis topic Her animals, forests, rivers, flowers, and stones can become man's teachers his quest for inner kingship and yet if his search for knowledge selfish and overbearing, the power acquires may become his undoing. For in the fairy tale, as in reality, everyone can grow king in his own soul only if learns respect the dignity and sacredness his fellow creatures.





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