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Originally, the device not biased in favor any the channels. But has a built-in automation such function that mere chance the first few observations stimulus AI happen find their way response RI oftener than further repetition the same stimulus AI, the machine learns gradually produce response RI more and more frequently, and any other response less and less frequently, until the statistical preponderance ultimately increases outright dominance for which the human operator then will form the mental association!. Almost everything about this proposed device ingenious, but can hardly, accept the claim that can form percepts and concepts. Yet not have as far as the concepts see that what a machine does Is basically different from the process within the human mind. According the Oxford Universal Dictionary, perception the action the mind which refers its sensations an external object as their cause and a percept the mental Unless are intent confusing issues describing entirely different processes one and the same term, must always keep in mind that a percept devoid all characteristics physical substance and energy.

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