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This one the most important factors in the The difference between the comic and wit found in the chief psychological character the comic.

The pleasure source wit have best article writing service found in the unconscious, but there no reason for the same localization the comic. On the contrary, all the analyses point the fact that the source the comical pleasure the comparison two expenditures which must attribute the fore-conscious. The main difference between wit and comic found in the psychic localization wit say, the contribution the comic from the sphere Without entering into the details other forms the comic will briefly discuss humor. Humor the means obtaining pleasure despite existing painful affects.

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If are in a situation which causes liberate painful affects, and motives then urge suppress the same in statu nascendi, have the conditions for humor. Thus persons afflicted with misfortune, pain, etc. can gain humoristic pleasure while the onlookers laugh over the comical pleasure. The pleasure humor results at the cost this discontinued liberation affect originates through personal statement writing service an economy emotional expenditure.

Humor does not require the participation another person one can enjoy the pleasure humor without help with essays feeling the necessity imparting another. To understand the psychological mechanisms humoristic pleasure best examine the so-called grim humor Galgenhumor, where regularly find that humor produced at the cost a great expenditure psychic work. Economy sympathy one the most frequent causes humoristic pleasure. Mark Twain's humor usually shows this mechanism.

Humor stands nearer the comic than wit.

Like the comic located in the fore-conscious, whereas wit formed as a compromise between the unconscious and We have shown that the pleasure wit originates from an economy expenditure in inhibition, the comic from an economy expenditure in thought, and humor from an economy expenditure in feeling. All three activities our psychic apparatus derive pleasure from economy.

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They all strive bring back from the psychic activity a pleasure essay writing help for students which has been lost in the development this activity for the euphoria which are thus striving obtain nothing but the state a bygone time in which were wont defray our psychic work with slight expenditure. It the state our childhood in which did not know the comic, were incapable wit, and did not need humor make happy. Foe some years I have been using with success, in private and in hospital practice, certain methods renewing the vitality feeble people a combination entire rest and excessive feeding, made possible best essay writing dissertation service writers review passive exercise obtained through the steady use massage and electricity.

The cases thus treated have been chiefly women the class well known need help writing sociology essay every physician, nervous women, who as a rule are thin, and lack blood. Most them have been such as had passed i need to do my coursework through many hands and been treated phd proposal writing help in turn for gastric, spinal, or uterine troubles, but who remained at the end as at the beginning, invalids, unable attend the duties life, and sources alike discomfort themselves I not wish thought as putting forth anything very remarkable or original in treatment rest, systematic feeding, and passive exercise. All these have been used physicians but, as a rule, one or more are used without the others, and the plan which I have found valuable, combining these means, does not seem generally understood. As involves some novelty, and as I not find described elsewhere, I shall, I think, doing a service profession dissertation writing services relating experience. In I published S uin's Series european Clinical Lectures, a brief sketch this treatment, under the heading Rest in the Treatment Nervous Disease, but the scope afforded was too brief for the details a knowledge which depends success in the use rest. I have been often since reminded this the many letters I have received asking for explanations the minutise treatment, and this must apology for bringing into these pages a great many particulars which are no doubt well enough known the The gentlemen who have done the honor follow clinical service at the Infirmary for Diseases the Nervous System are well aware how much care given learn whether or not the patient losing or has lost flesh, habit thin or fat.





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