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Larger doses, or a piece the stick accidentally swallowed, may produce a local caustic action or enveloped in a layer the chloride, and thus comparatively harmless. If such an accident occurs, common salt should at once given, followed an emetic.

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The oxide much less irritant and may very properly given when only the constitutional effect the silver desired.

The absorption medicinal doses for some time at least, attended no observable effects. After a time a staining the skin a sort bluish gray color takes place. This permanent, and after death similar staining many internal organs has been seen.

In a few favorable cases the skin-staining said have disappeared after the use iodide potassium and hyposulphite soda.

The silver deposited in the tissues in the form either oxide or solid silver. help with master thesis In animals symptoms indicating a paralyzing action the cerebro-spinal centres have been observed, as well as a disorganizing effect upon the blood. A few cases somewhat similar have been seen in man the nervous symptoms in acute cases, the hsemic in long continued professional personal statement writers administration. Poisoning extremely rare.

The salts silver, homework help creative writing especially the nitrate, have in former times been given for epilepsy, but without decidedly beneficial results, and more recently for the various forms cerebro-spinal sclerosis, writing essays custom with somewhat better success.

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Small doses have been given with advantage for gastralgia, possibly do my essay cheap with a view a local effect upon any. ulceration which may exist.

It has been found useful in diarrhceal affections, especially Externally the nitrate has been employed in a great variety affections.

It produces a mark at first white but afterward becoming blueblack.

It has been supposed cure and check the spread erysipelas, which custome essay does not The solid stick, if freely used, destroys too luxuriant granulations, or a light touch encourages sluggish ones. Ulcerations the lower bowel, with dysenteric discharges, have been treated with success injections, as well as a strong solution applied a swab or the solid stick as far as they can carried the aid the speculum. The mucous membranes the conjunctiva, fauces, larynx, urethra, bladder, and uterus have all been subjected the action this salt in the solid or Solutions the following strengths may used As a caustic in lupus, erysipelas, and other skin affections, ten fifty per cent. injections into the urethra or vagina, two four per cent. collyrium, one-half one and three-fourths per cent. If merely an astringent or irritating effect desired, the strength may For injections, two eight per mille enemata, four sixteen per mille collyria, one easy essay writer five per mille. Glycerin and spiritus setheris nitrosi may very well used as vehicles for the stronger solutions, and tincture opium may added diminish the pain. If there danger the caustic action going too long or too far, a solution common salt should immediately follow the nitrate. Dose.





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