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Thus the president the board trustees one our hospitals, in a letter this committee, remarked It more important that the people have small hospitals than that a few highly educated and trained nurses obtain the thus-far little coveted title R.

and again, when consider that only about, the school population ever gets the high school i need help with my term paper and only i per cent, that, graduate, then dividing these figures two the assumption that the sexes are equally divided, shall see how absurd require hospital boards fill their training schools with girls who have had at least one year in the high school, write my essay website choose from, three out every hundred. It asking an impossibility, for no such number care become Another opinion was as assignment writers in uk follows Personally, I favor leaving the question a pupil's admission entirely in the hands the superintendent the training school, because she can trusted secure the best possible, and if after the course training the pupil cannot pass the final examination she will fail receive the title To sum the matter, the State has undertaken raise the rank the profession a vocation that subordinate that medicine. 777 internet casino

A bright, active woman can properly acquire the art nursing the practical training she receives during a two years course, supplementing this a third year if she proves suitable for special work. It ought recognized the hospital authorities that the hours work should curtailed increasing the corps nurses, that there may sufficient time for study and recreation the part the nurse.

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The State board education must inevitably continue recognize equivalents if continues the present standard entrance qualifications, or lower that standard less than a grammar-school education if the hospitals over the State are not seriously disturbed in their finance and equipment nurses.

The nursing and care the sick the primary function the hospital the training nurses a subsidiary one, that can effected, however, the mutual satisfaction both the hospital and the nurse. So far as registration and the are concerned, apparent that not one-half the nurses graduated care enough for enter the examination. As remarked one the recognized authorities nursing questions, have the registered nurse four kinds those training in hospitals for three years, those for two and a half years, and those for two years, and those registered with no hospital training at all then there the graduate nurse, who likewise the college writing service same number varieties, but unregistered then in addition there are the short-course school graduates, correspondenceschool graduates, certified domestic nurses, experienced nurses and practical nurses, besides hundreds just common, very common, nurses without any distinguishing adjectives as appendages before or after their names.

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Time will show, if has not already, how much the public benefited State regulation nurses when small a part them come under its Meanwhile, your committee the opinion that the State should recognize the nurse problem as an experimental one, regulated at present wise administration rather than AN ACT provide for the registration nurses.

It hereby enacted the General Assembly Section A board registration nurses hereby established consist three members, appointed the governor within thirty days after the passage this act.

Two members said board shall physicians in active practice the attending staff any hospital the State having a training school for nurses. The third member shall a graduate nurse holding a diploma from a hospital training school for nurses, giving at least a two years course in the theory and practice nursing. He or she shall have had three years experience in nursing the sick. The members said board shall appointed as follows one for two years, one for four years and one for six years from the first day March, and until their respective successors are appointed and thereafter the governor shall biennially, before the first day March, appoint one person qualified as aforesaid, hold office for six years from the first day March next ensuing.

Vacancies in said board shall filled for the unexpired term in the manner the original appointment.

Any member said board may removed for cause the governor. The members said board shall meet the second Tuesday in March, and annually thereafter, and proceed organize choosing a president, secretary and treasurer, who shall hold office for one year, or until their successors are elected. They shall adopt a seal and such bylaws and regulations as are needed for the transacting business, but said board shall not in any way control the prices website that writes essays or compensation paid nurses. The said board shall hold two meetings regularly each year, the time and place fixed the board, and they may hold additional meetings at such times and places as may. It shall the duty said board immediately upon its organization, notify all persons engaged in the practice nursing the sick in the State, the time and places the examinations for registration, publishing in strength and who yet require Hght diet will find the special recipes in These brands meet every requirement, satisfy every demand, stand every test. Have no equal for fineness material, finish and fit. In all sizes, shapes and weights, Lord £ Taylor V holesaU Distributors NcW Tovk When you write Advertisers, please mention The Trained Nurse one or more newspapers in the State, and a written notice the superintendents all training schools and nurses registry bureaus in the Application for registration shall made upon blanks furnished the board and shall signed and sworn the applicant. Any person, a resident this State, who shall furnish satisfactory evidence that or she at least twenty-one years age, good moral character and who holds a diploma from a training school for nurses connected with some hospital requiring at least a two years course, shall upon payment a fee five dollars, examined said board and if found qualified shall registered with the right use the title registered nurse, and shall receive a certificate thereof from the board signed and sealed the president and secretary. Within sixty days from date issue this certificate must recorded in the office the secretary state with an affidavit identity and residence the person whom granted.

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