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Religious bodies as a rule not encourage women in parades. Where women are actively par ticipating in the organization which arranges for street demonstrations, the best judgment all concerned has been against There will always nurses who will want the sensation thing the thing that will bring them into prominence in some way. This type shall always have. But essay writing service cheap those who have with the instruction nurses should see that before they leave the training school they are taught where the uniform worn and where they have no right use There a decided difference between the personal liberty parade in public and the professional liberty the same thing as the representative a profession.

Let teach proper respect for the uniform and let older nurses emphasize such teaching the Lectures Psychology for Nurses The need more attention being given book editing services the teaching pupil nurses along the lines psychology and psychiatry generally admitted, yet the dijQSculty securing thoroughly useful practical instruction along this line prevents the majority schools from giving their nurses the benefit such a course.

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buy argumentative essay It the very exceptional doctor who fitted give such a course, and many those who training and years practical experience vvith mental ailments should successful teachers fail perceive the fine distinctions that need made between the psychological instruction useful for nurses and that needed for medical students or practitioners. The titles a course lectures given dissertation software Dr. Mary Lawson Neff the nurses the Woman's Hospital, Philadelphia, may suggestive those considering such You cannot afford miss the New York convention the european Hospital Association, held in the Murray Hill Hotel convention hall from September September.

It confidently expected that this will the greatest meeting in point attendance and practical interest and value that the association has ever had. New York the largest medical and hospital center the country, and apart from all that the convention offers there much interest hospital workers all classes. The program has never been excelled in fca tures practical value and general interest. There will for the design coursework first time, a special session for hospital trustees, presided over a trustee The round-table conference for small hospitals will provide opportunity for the discussion a variety practical problems and topics. This conference, beside giving the small hospitals the chance for free discussion which they have long best article writing services wished for, also affords opportunity for the bringing the front questions which are more especially interest the women in hospital The non-commercial exhibit hospital appliances which hospital workers have evolved meet their own needs promises a feature more than ordinary interest and value.

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Enough contributions have been promised ensure the unqualified success this department. At a meeting the obstetrics and gynecology section the New York Academy Medicine the question the present status the midwife was dicussed. Dr. Thomas Darlington stated that the United States far as had been able ascertain was the only civilized country in the essays custom world in which the health, as well as the future well-being, mothers i need help writing a 500 word essay and infants, was not safeguarded as far as possible through the training and control midwives that a conservative estimate placed the percentage births in the United States attended midwives at. that excepting in a very few localities the profession midwifery was entirely unsupervised and unrestricted, no matter how deficient the midwife might in education, training and experience that midwives were reporting about, the births annually in New York that a large percentage help write a thesis midwives investigated agreed perform criminal abortion and that there was no provision for Dr. John Winters Brannan announced that Bellevue Hospital write my paper college was about undertake the training midwives that the old emergency hospital need help with an essay was about vacated and could used for lying-in women.

The upper floor would accommodate some ten or fifteen patients and the lower floor could fitted for lectures and demonstrations. The midwives could lodged the hospital grounds in one the old dormitories. An out-patient service was contemplated. With regard the length the course, opinions differed. Dr.





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