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Humor his likes and dislikes when makes Don't fail keep a good stock uniforms that you will always have a set clean for a sudden call. Nurses have often lost a hundred-dollar case not having a WHILE there has been a great deal agitation with regard the subject tuberculosis, while nations have been stirred and there has been a general awakening throughout the world regarding the disease, and while a great work may said have been done, still the social student knows that the tuberculosis Cjuestion will never solved in the fullest sense the word unless poverty can abolished.

It the tuberculosis nurse and, in many instances, the physician who have the best opportunity learn the true situation.

The tuberculosis nurse starts out her round, well furnished with stock phrases advice offer her patients plenty fresh milk and fresh eggs, an abundance fresh air, outdoor sleeping and a country life.

And at once grim poverty stares her in the face. She enters a crowded tenement apartment and sees a sick mother moving feebly about, with her little children hanging her skirts. On the table are the remains the family dinner bread, potatoes, and signs there having been a little meat, but very little, for the price meat high and there are many little mouths feed. The husband works in a shop and may earn from ten fifteen dollars a week, but illness and medicine cost a good deal money, and the rent and the gas bill are still unpaid. The house dirty, for the poor invalid unable scrub and clean, and the children are too small help with the work. The nurse recommends extra milk and fresh eggs, she will send in a recommendation the charity organization.

Personal statement writing help

She advises fresh air, but the patient, who in the last stages the disease, with impoverished blood and poor circulation, suffers a great deal from cold and dreads the The nurse cannot linger here long, for there are other cases in the same tenement, and she must manage see a certain number cases each month and report them the health department. But the health department does not ask whether the conditions in the homes have been relieved or whether the visiting nurse's instructions have been carried out, and all social workers know that the great majority the ignorant population exactly as they please as soon as the visitor's back turned. If the tuberculosis nurse one who has a love for humanity and a desire infuse her personality into her work, she soon learns that useless have ideals and better not even have feelings.

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She cannot cope with this grim, stern master, poverty. As she walks through the streets a hot summer day she sees humanity gasping for a breath cool air, the little children sitting the curbstones get cool, or running after the street sprinklers in order get a little cool water.

The few small parks the East Side are crowded with women and children, but the vast majority the population swarm into the Among such conditions the consumptive poor must live, and for those in the most advanced stages the disease there least hope, for very few institutions will receive advanced cases.

What the tuberculosis nurse do? Just gather statistics and earn a living? A mighty hard way earning a living compared with work in a private sickroom.

Nor does her inner life gain greatly in richness for the sake the greater newsletter writing service freedom and easier hours that tuberculosis-visiting nursing will give her, she continues in the work. The conscientious nurse may all that in her power improve conditions a little and she can take a personal interest in the children, but the actual results are small that the heart grows weary fruitless efforts and the Perhaps the grange tuberculosis work makes a strong appeal one weary poverty, congestion and degradation, phd thesis writing and she turns with fresh hopefulness the cool, northern country, near Canada, leaving the crowded cities behind. Here, she thinks, a more favorable field for a tuberculosis campaign, not alone for relief work but also for educational effort. Here us essay writing service she can secure better nourishment for her patients, here tent life in the open may become an actuality instead an impossible dream. Here the trained nurse, with her new ideas and her broad view life and modern in every sense the word modern enough even have had an attack appendicitis herself should able a good work in the fresh air and sunshine. The doctors in the little village where she has landed tell her that there no tuberculosis here, that the place perfectly healthy, but she finds that the analytical research paper for sale ple suffer not alone from tuberculosis but from all the other diseases which flesh heir. She finds poverty and ignorance in the mba essay help beautiful northern country, where the sun rises and sets in glorious array, the mountain ju-aks are the greenest green in the summer and the whitest white in the winter, the birds sing and build their nests happily, and in June the roses fill the air with wonderful odors the visitor the lace seems a paradise compared the crowded city, and life appears one The trained nurse soon learns, however, that the stern taskmaster, Poverty, haunts the world like grim death, and that ignorance and sujicrstition prevail in town and country alike. The poor country people have, as a rule, no farm land their own, their small patches ground are usually rented.





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