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In certain places minor gaps had left between thoughts, challenging the reader bridge them in active participation. The technique interspersing impersonal statements with personal remarks rightly or wrongly, adapted from life custom college term papers experience, where I found helpful in the difficult task making the right contact with another individual. Now a few more words about the purpose this book. Our generation's consuming interest in psychology has a good reason indeed.

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It originates in book editing services the feeling that orientation within the intricacies modern life possible only through self-knowledge.

Since believed today that understanding the healthy self can best attained a study pathological deviations, psychiatry has gradually assumed a leading role in the sphere psychology, I not believe, however, that its methods can actually uncover the roots the emotional agonies modern man.

While paralyzing inferiority complexes, overpowering sexual conflicts, and many other facts play an unquestionable part in emotional maladjustments, they are symptoms rather than causes. Every human being has bear his load suffering, frustration, and unfulfilled desires.

Yet, almost three decades medical experience have taught that this load will cause neuroses or emotional disaster only the degree in which a person has lost his innate sense for the existence purpose and Personally, I deeply convinced that are living In a moral universe, in a universe which holds not only meaning for write my research paper free evolution as a whole, but for every single individual in his straggles through life and death.

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And where the proof for such an optimistic view? In immediate experience.

It has how to buy a term paper grown dark in the sphere in which experiences such kind occur. In their longing for inner light many today turn drugs or seek illumination in artificially induced ecstasies.

My own experiences with a great number such seekers after truth are unfortunate. Short periods rapture and certainty are only too soon followed spells doubt and despair, as if a weak but still living spark had been whipped into a blinding flame, burnt extinction soon thereafter. inner vision, at least for modern man, not the gift drama and ecstasy, but the hard-won fruit patient labor. There more than one kind vision. The type most valued today acute sense perception illumined keen intellect.

Another, often called intuitive, Is the source all religious and artistic inspiration. The third, almost unknown in our day, man's vision himself. Neither grossly sensual nor purely intuitive, represents a mysterious spark consciousness that emerges medical school essay service when these two forces attain a state balance. It has grown dim that modern man has become uncertain his individuality, and tries in vain discover himself in the dark depths his unconsciousness or in the remote heights a not-yet-reached superconsciousness. Unfortunately, there are no words which can adequately describe the self or human spirit must experienced. Such experience vital mental health, since permits man protect his mind from disintegrating forces which threaten split his personality. Self-awareness can strengthened specific mental exercises. Basically, these exercises are designed bring consciousness two opposite poles a psychological polarity.





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