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The atheist, for instance, frequently poses as a philosophical help me write my college essay optimist.

Having given all hope in the very existence a human soul, pretends a glowing faith in man's innate goodness. So becomes possible for Communists believe that, aided dictatorship, and thought control and conditioning, the human race will blossom into a healthy and contented breed highly intelligent cattle.

But today even the religiously inclined among modern intellectuals are strongly influenced pessimistic undercurrents. Although their doubts may remain subconscious during the major part life, sooner or later they come the surface consciousness.

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This especially true in the case the person confronted with a critical operation or a fatal disease unless finds someone in whom confide, only too often in serious danger an emotional breakdown. The fear complete extinction finds many forms expression, but all may summarized thus Perhaps there a supreme wisdom ruling the universe. Yet what possible interest could such cosmic, transcendental power take in the strife and follies a microscopic being crawling the face this tiny speck dust called earth? Would not naive attribute humans a part greater than the one played the myriads other species in the universe? A flickering life, attainment some specific gifts, and then decline and extinction. It Is difficult, if not impossible, refute such doubts strictly logical grounds. While logic an essential instrument In the quest for truth, It can only blaze a trail through the jungles or remove obstacles from the path, without carrying too much conviction its own. Therefore not necessary engage in endless dialectics when dealing with problems arising from a true inner need.

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Once logic has removed mental blocks, will an Inner response that decides the issue. From what have learned from confessions the seriously sick, almost every individual in close proximity death has an Immediate experience his own immortality. But when the emergency cheap essay writer passes the memory such experience dwindles fast in our days sedatives and frantic diversions. What man? Is really the crown creation or a pygmy In the universe? This question can answered only another question Is the vast universe, with its awe-inspiring harmony, a really greater miracle than the mind existing in that tiny creature, capable grasping its wonders? For all Incarnated beings known man and man alone in whose mind creation may rediscover itself in conscious thoughts. The fact that homo sapiens as a physical being but a minute entity In the limitless expanse the universe makes his true significance appear even greater, for his mind knows no limits. Ancient thinkers, although deeply awed the miracles the universe, did not lose their respect for the human being the contrary, they saw the full majesty the macrocosm reflected in the microcosm man.

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Ironically, just modern man's Inane pride in his doubtful achievements in the world matter which, in his own sight, has reduced his place In the universe utter Insignificance.

Conceited where should humble, has become abject where should proudly aware his potential greatness.

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