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An infusion or the fluid extract more convenient.

Senegce Radix, Br. Senega Hoot, Senega Snakeroot, Polygale Virginie, Senegawurzel, This plant owes its activity chiefly senegin, a glucoside closely allied if not identical with saponin.

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Senega produces irritation the throat, with some salivation and symptoms gastro-intestinal irritation, as well as an inclination cough and increased bronchial secretion.

The urine and perspiration may a little increased. The uses senega are those a stimulant expectorant.

It used in the later stages typhoid pneumonia, bronchitis, and croup, promote a freer discharge write my annotated bibliography accumulated mucus. It suitable only after the more active inflammatory Dose.

Ten twenty grains, sixty-four one hundred and thirty centigrammes..

The decoction and syrup are more used. Folia Sennce, Senna Leaves, Feuilles Sene, Sennesblatter, The chemistry this drug like that rhubarb, which much resembles, not in copywriting services a satisfactory state. Senna contains chrysophanic acid, but probable that its cathartic properties are due a cathartate lime and magnesia. Senna essay paper writers produces active, but not violent or drastic catharsis, attended with considerable griping, flatulence, and nausea. Aromatics, like fennel and ginger, or salines, are given with correct this tendency see Compound Infusion Senna. Injected into a vein, senna causes purging attended with an increased flow bile. Senna imparts the urine a color resembling that bile, from which may easily distinguished turning red online resume writing services with alkalies. It used in cases where a vigorous, but not specially hydragogue action required. Dose.

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Half a drachm two drachms, two eight grammes. Serpentaria contains a volatile oil and a bitter. In large doses produces some gastric disturbance, write a good thesis with fulness in the head and quickened pulse. It called a stimulant tonic and used in low typhoid conditions occurring in any acute disease. It thesis statement help combined with, alcohol and cinchona, which are often indicated in the same condition, in the celebrated compound tincture cinchona Huxham. The infusion a useful form Dose. Ten thirty grains, sixty-four centigrammes two grammes Suet a somewhat harder fat than lard, but also more apt become rancid.





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