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It those with fewer chances who especially need our help, but whom find hardest help or think least about helping.

And, perhaps, the greatest stumbling block a lack understanding.

How many look upon these people lesser opportunities as a different nature! After all, they are men and women and they have their good as well as their bad points, much as you and I have.

They love their wives and children as dearly, and they try earn a good living for them and make them happy. Wherein, then, they differ from us? Simply in their ignorance the natural laws health and good living, and the refinements life. Yes, and often the moral obligations one another. Frequently, however, crime the sequel poverty and ill health and despair.

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Let treat them as would wish treated those who have had better chances than have had as a man and a brother, let study their needs and real causes their shortcomings, and lend a helping hand.

Don't regard all your patients in the hospital wards as a set ruffians, weaklings and cranks. Perhaps you would a crank essay writing services reviews or worse yourself if you had been brought under the same conditions. Learn from them how they live, far as you can, what their temptations have been, and try picture yourself under the same conditions.

It may make you shrink in horror, but may also bring home you what reasons lead the development such characters and may set you thinking ways remedy the conditions. I doubt very much if many would indulge in more bodily cleanliness than find in the slums if were brought under like conditions, and who shall say how much more moral cleanliness would maintain? Judge not that not judged, a very good rule follow. Suspend judgment till you know affordable writing services all the circumstances and the desire judge will probably leave you.

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If you search far enough you will find a reason for most things in this world, and you may pretty sure that there are reasons even where you not find them. Cause and effect that one the beauties a universe governed best online essay editing service eternal laws. You can often find the cause which a certain effect due, and, if desirable, remove There are causes for all the conditions that arouse horror and despair help with writing personal statement in people's hearts.

The world not perfect yet far from It in a state growth and there are i need help writing my college admissions essay many defects overcome. Those who are truly religious and have faith in goodness not fritter their time away in despair and lamentations over the wickedness the world. They busy themselves with hunting out the causes the wickedness far as they may and in applying remedies. Sometimes they find the right remedies promptly and sometimes they are very long in doing but, at any rate, they are doing their best better the world and they gain happiness help to write a thesis statement and courage Why much sickness and poverty and crime exist? Why man man and not a god? It not that man has fallen, but that working his way from humble beginnings help with dissertation writing through evolution higher things. Is man's imperfection any reason for saying there can no living God? If were all perfect, would all equal God and have no need Him. It because our imperfection, our liability temptation that help with my essay need Him and look Him, and His helj ever at hand. As you look about the world, not those who have accei ted His laws and tried abide them, who have sought wisdom and temperance and justice and mercy and have loved and cherished their neighbors, who have been happiest themselves and made others happiest, who have been a real force for good in the world? Where i eople are ignorant His laws or indifferent them, even though they may succeed from a worldly jwint view, life not really sweet them and they can small good in the world. However the wicked may flourish financially, they not gain real hajipiness, nor, as a rule, make others better or happy that they not flourish spiritually.





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