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Death may take place in animals from spasm the glottis, but in man this does not happen, the causes a fatal result being respiratory spasm, when death takes place during buy essays online safe a paroxysm exhaustion, when occurs between the paroxysms and finally, from a profound impression the nervous centres, and, perhaps, especially that respiration, like that the overwhelming attack some acute disease, when the patient sinks rapidly under a very large dose with few or no convulsions. If small doses are frequently repeated, a similar condition the less intense grades poisoning may more slowly developed, and will in this case counterfeit still more closely traumatic or idiopathic Experiments show that this spasmodic action depends help me write a compare and contrast essay upon increased excitability the reflex centres in the spinal cord, and probably some other ganglionic structures, as the retina, and, perhaps, the sympathetic ganglia. legitimate us online casino

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The nerves, sensory and motor, are comparatively little affected. One-twelfth a grain, five milligrammes, strychnine may produce slight symptoms poisoning.

The minimum fatal dose may placed somewhere between one-half and two grains, three twelve centigrammes.

If fully and rapidly absorbed, one grain would probably a fatal professional letter writing service close persons average size and strength and without treatment, although much larger doses than this have been recovered from. The treatment strychnine poisoning should consist in emptying the stomach as promptly as possible the administration chemical antidotes, if any poison left and the use means counteract the exciting effect the drug the spinal cord.

Of the chemical antidotes, tannin perhaps the best, or iodine in iodide potassium may used.

For the latter indication, physostigma has been proposed, buy research papers online no plagiarism but not much used. Tobacco an efficient antidote. Chloral and bromide potassium are theoretically indicated and have been successfully employed. They are, however, somewhat slow in developing their full effects, and the interval may bridged over the use chloroform, or ether, inhalation. Intravenous injection chloral has been suggested.

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Curare, which may stop the spasms paralyzing the motor nerves, not a true antidote, since does not counteract the effect the strychnine the spinal cord. It an interesting fact that methyl-strychnine, instead resembling strychnine physiologically, as does closely in a chemical point view, acts the nervous system like curare.

The post-mortem appearances strychnine poisoning write my essay are not characteristic, although in a frog, which had been kept for a long time under its influence, the spinal cord was found Strychnine and its salts, as well as the preparations nux vomica, are used as bitter tonics in cases want appetite and indigestion. For this purpose the tincture nux vomica a very convenient form, although combinations this alkaloid with iron, with quinine, and the hypophosphites are often made.

Strychnine probably exercises a general tonic and excitant effect upon the whole nervous system, as well as in the stomach. As a respiratory and cardiac stimulant, especially in conjunction with digitalis, online writing help custom order essays may used in diseases the heart attended with dyspnoea. It used in the various forms paralysis, especially the peripheral, like those from lead, mercury, alcohol, diphtheria, or from a severe bruise. It more carefully employed in those central origin, account the risk aggravating inflammatory or congestive conditions which may present. This especially true myelitis but excellent results have been attained in this condition the use large doses, and writing research paper help has been recently shown that such doses may used at a much earlier period in the disease than has heretofore been thought advisable. The determination the proper time begin this treatment requires considerable discretion, and the earliest administrations college scholarship essay help should somewhat tentative. Cerebral paralysis little if at all benefited strychnine. When administered in cases where a special group muscles paralyzed from cerebral lesion, the symptoms its action are often first perceived in the paralyzed side or limb.

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