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These children must reinspected from time time, that may know that our suggestions which in some cases are definite instructions are being followed coursework questions closely, that the book review writers child may returned school as quickly as possible. One the most insistent lessons teach the mothers and children that personal cleanliness.

After once having this lesson well learned there little danger Duckworth, an eminent medical authority, laid special emphasis the. duty the nurse leave the sickroom for a time during the doctor's visit in order allow ojjportunity for private conversation with the iKvtient. In his own xperience, stated that if the nurse failed observe this point sickroom etiquette always showed the nurse out.

Whether or not this a rule practice generally observed medical men in America not know. We not remember ever hearing a nurse who had showed out. But a point etiquette which nurses will wise remember and which teachers nurses THE title this article, I sure, does not look at all formidable any our readers and yet, in collecting data which would enlighten in detail as the advancement this great work, help writing a book I have found the field extensive that practically impossible cover all the gound, and I shall confine myself, necessarily, the work a few representative associations, and must add that even all those I shall not able mention because thesis writer the impossibility receiving satisfactory reports Generally order custom essay speaking, can unhesitatingly stated that there now hardly a town in the country that has not its district visiting nursing committee supporting one or more nurses care for the poor their community.

Probably the ones who realize this the most are the superintendents the large associations, who are daily receiving requests from smaller cities and towns for nurses fitted organize district nursing No illustration which might emphasize the rapid increase in the work could more apt than the following quotation frqm the We still have one discouraging feature in district nurse work in the great dearth women fill the enings coming from other cities, sometimes as high as four A remark this kind may appear strange those you who are constantly hearing more and more nurses going into the work, for such the case, and what still better the fact that in many instances these are the most intellectual women the It has also been noticeably evident during the past year that fewer women are making application enter the work with the motives that in the past a very great many gave as their reason for entering the field, such as being tired private nursing, wishing some work where professional dissertation writers one could get one's night rest, and various other ideas this sort, none which was really prompted the great fundamental basis the work the desire help the uplifting humanity.

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It hoped that will show a still greater increase in the proper spirit with which nurses will enter the The development the work in the large associations has been extensive during the past year as almost phenomenal. In New York at the Henry Street Settlement find fifty-seven nurses comprising their staff. In the beginning the year there were but thirty-one the districts, butafterthefirsthalf theyear this number gradually increased fifty-seven, help on research paper with ten detailed special duty.

The work this world-renowned settlement increases day day, for the enthusiasm and progressivenessof itshead worker, prodigious that practically impossible keep pace with the details their The Association has added seventeen nurses its staff two for the industrial welfare work, one for colored people and fourteen assigned the special work the Metroplitan Life Insurance Company making a total sixty-one members.

There probably no other association that takes vital an interest in the affairs the city as this one, and few, if any, which have had active a hand in the promotion measures for civic betterment. The stormy controversy with the aldermen obtain school nurses for their city a thing the past and can only mentioned with the work, in that the past year has seen its development in a manner scarcely looked for. The cooperation the association with the baby welfare work also great interest, especially as a movement that attracting the whole country.

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In four months four thousand babies were cared for the nurses custom writing services uk assigned the work. Cleveland has, also, had a notable increase in the size its staff, making a leap from thirty-five fifty-seven.

This includes the following the help with writing superintendent, the register and acting register, the nurses assigned districts six the tuberculosis dispensary the Western Reserve Medical College, one at the Rainbow Cottage and Cripples School, four for the babies dispensary-, one for the maternity dispensary, one factor nurse at the Cleveland Hardware Company, need help on essay one social-service nurse at the Lakeside Hospital, two at the Western Reserve Maternity Hospital, four Metroj olitan Life Insurance nurses and one for the day nursery and free kindergarten. In addition there are the nurses employed the health department for baby dispensary tuberculosis and contagious work and fifteen under the board education. All these nurses, however, are under the supervision the Visiting Nurses Association, though likewise responsible directly the heads institutions or departments for Like Paris, the Cleveland association vitally interested in all movements for civic betterment, being through its efforts that the municipal nurses have been obtained and all the nurses holding the city i sitions have had the opportunity the special training in general detail work numbers fourteen. In January, they were relieved their five tuberculosis nurses, owing the work being-taken over the health department. They have, however, still one tuberculosis nurse, who, though supported the Maryland Tuberculosis need help writing a descriptive essay Association, under the supervision the Visiting Nursing Association. This nurse has been placed duty in Highlandtown, which, although outside the city limits, within reasonable distance and used as a training school for district tuberculosis work, a most valuable adjunct the association. A new nurse has also been given them through the kindness the Ralond Park Sewing Club, a society young women interested in the sick.





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