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After a full discussion was evident that no agreement could reached as any legislative enactment that would relieve the situation, and was decided that there would no legislation sought during this year, but that the department would endeavor meet the difficulties far as possible administrative measures. In justice the State department, should stated that had nothing in framing the original Nurses Practice Act. It has, however, been responsible for the subsequent schedules entrance qualifications Reprinted from New York State Journal Medicine May, and professional training. The former was determined an eight-year grammar-school course The following tables compiled from reports for present the results the application Educational Qualifications for Admission. Equivalent one year high school If, those admitted cannot pass a one-year high-school examination, and if even then there remains a shortage nurses, a fair conclusion that the standard for entrance in New York too high for practical results. It will interest examine the standards entrance qualifications other States. States requiring a preliminary four year high-school course Delaware or its equivalent, Maryland or its equivalent. North Carolina.

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State requiring one year high school after eight years grammar school or its equivalent New York. States requiring the completion grammar-school help with writing a speech course California, Michigan or its equivalent, Missouri or its equivalent, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma. cheap custom term papers State requiring best essay writer one year in an approved. State requiring common school education. Territory requiring education in reading, writing and arithmetic Porto Rico.

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States where requirement prescribed board administration France, Virginia. States where no preliminary education required Colorado, Connecticut, District Columbia, Georgia, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington. Probably the school grades best college essay service the various States are not precisely alike, but they are sufficiently for this comparison. It would interesting know how much more valuable as a nurse the woman from Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, West Virginia and New York, with their high-entrance qualifications, when compared the one from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, with no preliminary requirement.

Do the schools in the States last listed have more pupils because the low standard for entrance? It was the opinion Miss Alline, help in thesis writing the State superintendent nurses schools, that the scarcity was quite general over the United States. When asked as the causes leading this shortage, the following was given Increasing opportunities for commercial employment women the keener appreciation the fact that nursing involves hard work, both in preparation and practice and, associated with this, inadequate housing and feeding the pupil Term determined board Porto Rico, Thus seen that New York State gives the the graduates both the second and third year schools, but the second year students cannot utilized care for patients outside the hospital, while the third year student may used for three months the third year definition essay help earn All the States heretofore enumerated, with the single exception New Jersey, have provided for examinations nurses State authority or for license from another State board Following a classification the States as States requiring registry the State board Registry with county clerk only Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York triennially.

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It appears from the nurses training school statistics compiled the New York State board education that while there were, nurses given diplomas their hospital schools, not more than applied for the State examination for registered nurse that only about per A consideration the above facts, with the common knowledge that hospitals differ much as number beds, financial resources, range service, teaching facilities, etc. etc.

will impress one with the extreme difficulty, if not impossibility, standardizing the instruction nurses any common measures. Nevertheless, the law having been passed and relegated the board regents for administration, was necessary for the department education something. Naturally, the problem would approached from the standpoint pedagogy, and methods applied that were in use in other departments instruction. The hospital administrator, however, with other experience, would with equal certainty regard the subject from his viewpoint.





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