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Upon other animals found have a decidedly narcotic effect, producing muscular relaxation, incoordination, blunted sensibility, increased coursework help frequency the heart's beat, and increased followed diminished vascular tension. Death takes place asphyxia.

In man has, perhaps, similar effects, but in the doses usually given they are much less marked.

It has been used as a general nervous sedative. It a somewhat uncertain hypnotic, more nearly akin valerian than the other powerful soporifics, and its use not attended with any unpleasant after-effects. It has been found useful in The Dose the fluid extract from half a drachm a drachm, thirty sixty cubic centimeters, which may repeated at intervals some the bark though the wood has been used Aspidosperma quebracho, a Brazilian tree the order Apocynacese.

Its taste disagreeable. It contains an alkaloid, which, however, has not been carefully help with writing studied as the preparations representing the whole bark. In its native country reputed febrifuge, but this claim has not been verified further experiment. It possesses, however, a well-marked influence over the symptom dyspnoea, reducing the frequency the respirations, zmd rendering them more effective and less distressing. It seems special value in spasmodic asthma, or in that arising from emphysema, or bronchitis, though other forms have been much benefited In animals, dyspnoea, motor paralysis, and death have been produced though, probably, with larger doses, in proportion, than have been given man. The heart and temperature are not greatly affected. Dose the fluid extract an average, half a fluidrachm, two grammes. Various other preparations may used, as wine, tincture, Obtained treating certain resins galbanum and asafcetida with potassa, and resembling orcin, the coloring matter orchil, whence its name. It closely related phenol, and like a powerful antiseptic in the proportion one one hundred. It soluble in all the ordinary solvents, except chloroform and sulphide carbon. Administered the stomach, eliminated almost entirely and rapidly the urine, and develops therein a blue color. It much best writing service less poisonous than phenol, and such symptoms as may produced very large doses rapidly disappear, unless the dose large enough fatal, thesis proposal format which requires in the lower animals nearly one part in a thousand their weight. In quantities from one-third more than one-half that just mentioned, produces trembling, clonic convulsions, and accelerations the respiration and circulation, lasting for about an hour.

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In man may produce some excitement and vertigo, besides the action heart and respiration just stated.

Clinically, has been both affirmed and denied that the temperature lowered, but certain that if such an action takes place brief. Resorcin has been used in fevers, as have many other antiseptics, but without any remarkable effects. It has, course, the great best dissertation writers advantage over carbolic acid much less toxic properties. Externally, may used for all the surgical purposes carbolic acid, and preferable account the absence odor, danger poisoning, and its solubility in any proportion water. From one four grammes, fifteen sixty grains per diem, have been used in typhoid fever and acute rheumatism.





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