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As a diuretic cautiously, if at all, used, remembering its irritant effect upon the kidneys.

Its use in the diagnosis renal disease has been suggested, the appearance its odor in the urine being taken as proof the secreting power the kidney. Chronic inflammations the urinary passages are benefited as in pyelitis.

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It has been used in the treatment amenon-hoea and excite uterine contractions. It considered as one the best styptics, according the well-known dictum John Hunter, and given in many forms hemorrhage, especially in those a passive character, as in purpura and hemophilia.

It not an efficient hemostatic externally. With phosphorus the oil turpentine which has absorbed oxjrgen, ozonized oil, forms, when in the proportion about one hundred one, a camphor-like substance which not poisonous, and excreted harmlessly the urine. In phosphorous poisoning the oil should administered as promptly as possible, in the dose ten or more drops an hour, in some watery vehicle or emulsion containing no fat. In general the admixture oil turpentine with some other oil, or in an emulsion, the most convenient form administration. Glycerine and a drop oleum gaultherise are said cover its taste.

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Capsules also used. An emulsion best made placing the necessary quantity in a bottle with powdered acacia, shaking thoroughly until well mixed, and then help with dissertation writing adding the water.

Dose. A single large dose, intended act as a cathartic, or as an adjuvant another cathartic, or as an anthelmintic, may consist half an ounce, fifteen grammes, or even more. When given in order absorbed and act as a stimulant or alterative mucous surfaces, from five twenty drops may given every three six hours.

This oil, solid need someone to write a paper for me at ordinary temperature, and retaining a little the chocolate flavor, may used as a sort demulcent in inflammation the tonsils and pharynx.

It has been used in chronic affections the bowels, and externally as a non-irritant application excoriated surfaces. The only limitation the dose which can put into the stomach, the liability a large quantity excite nausea and disgust. Its special use in the making suppositories, since these can kept preferably in an ice chest hard enough easily inserted and melt in the rectum. This oil contains a large proportion phd research proposal writing service uk thymol, which has been recently best professional resume writing services used replace carbolic acid as an antiseptic. The oil thyme itself has essentially the same properties and uses as the oils many statement writer other mints, and might also used for the same purposes as thymol. This oil in very small doses one the most active cathartics, and also a powerful irritant the skin, producing an eruption acumi nated or rounded pustules, some which may umbilicated, lasting for several days, and occasionally leaving behind well-marked cicatrices. The active principles croton oil have not been successfully isolated. The acrid and externally irritating ingredient not the same as that which causes purging. The administration the oil followed burning in the throat, nausea, or perhaps vomiting, colic, and watery stools, with some tenesmus.

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