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very large doses but the amount any potash salt required act notably the heart larger than the ordinary doses the bromide, and no other potash salt produces the same effect upon the nervous system. Moreover, the action bromide potassium like, though probably more intense than, that the other bromides and hydrobromic The uses bromide potassium cover a great multitude diseases, but the indications college admission essay writing service for its exhibition buy cheap essay online are quite definite. Nervous overexcitability may stated in a general way as the condition calling for The following are some the special conditions in which experience has shown value In headache, especially if arising from overwork or excitement, or occurring in the course continued fevers, a single buy homework papers dose, or better, two or three at short intervals, and amounting from four eight grammes altogether, may give great relief, especially if possible administer the doses at or near bedtime, when the patient no longer liable disturbances. In sleeplessness occurring under similar circumstances those mentioned, special online essay writers wanted education needs dissertation the bromide may given in the same way, although may often require the assistance some more powerful drug.

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In delirium tremens and that condition nervousness immediately preceding its complete development, chloral and bromide are often given, the latter being in double proportion, and the dose being regulated chiefly the chloral. For the noisy and restless insane the bromide alone, or in the combination just named, or with cannabis Indica, great value but insanity with depression or melancholia not likely benefited. If pain present, opium may indicated, and the bromide, under these circumstances, sometimes converts the painless but sleepless night into a much more refreshing period slumber. The bromide one the best corrigents morphine, and should given, if possible, two or three hours in advance the opiate. Genital excitability may much influenced the continued dose, which employed in spermatorrhoea, in hysteria, and in some kinds neuralgia connected with disturbances the sexual function.

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The nervous disturbances attending the change life are research paper services greatly relieved In ordinary neuralgia not likely much value. phd thesis writer In some spasmodic affections, education dissertation such as tetanus and strychnia poisoning, would clearly indicated, if were not for the slowness its action relative the rapidity the poison or the disease. Tetanus, however, has been very successfully quality custom dissertation ideas essays treated and even a case strychnia poisoning.

Various spasmodic diseases children, such as chorea and whooping-cough, have been benefited in conjunction with other drugs, especially tonics. Convulsions are often treated though generally more powerful and rapidly acting drugs are used in its place or with Epilepsy the most signal triumph this drug, especially the cases where the fits are fully developed and occur in the daytime. Petit mal and nocturnal epilepsy, though perhaps favorably influenced, are not fully controlled In the former cases, a few are cured permanently, others for a greater or less number years or months.

Others have no fits long as the bromide continued, and almost all have the number fits much diminished, while a small minority receive no benefit.

In epilepsy the bromide given until the symptoms are distinctly checked, or the condition bromism quality writing services becomes not only unpleasant but dangerous. It must continued, supporting the patient's general health in the meantime, for months or years. The action bromide upon the heart, either direct or through the spinal centres, often value, as in nervous palpitation or in exophthalmic goitre. According Kabuteau, the bromides have the same effect in hastening the elimination metallic poisons mercury and lead that possessed the iodide. Bromide potassium, which still holds, in spite its disagreeable taste, the place at the head the list bromides, must administered in solution, the mouth or rectum. Its saline taste may diminished the addition bicarbonate sodium in about half its quantity, and the taste can partly concealed elixirs or syrups, but a large dose cannot made very agreeable. The Dose has been alluded in the preceding lines. It may stated as varying from half a gramme seven grammes, two or three times a day. Even larger doses have been given for some days at a time.





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