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It also produces gastro-intestinal irritation, as shown vomiting and purging.

It used in the southern part this country, where the tree cultivated for ornament, as a remedy for the round-worm ascaris lumbricoides.

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A decoction used two ounces a pint boiled a half pint. A tablespoonful this given every two or three hours until acts as a cathartic, or the doses are given at longer intervals and followed a purge.

Both these balsams consist largely resin, and both contain cinnamic acid.

Benzoic acid, according most authorities, present only in the first. The aromatic and oily constituents are similar but not identical in both. Like many other drugs containing resins and volatile principles, they have a dissertation need help with college essays help uk very slightly stimulant action upon the mucous membranes the bronchi and urinary passages, as well as the circulation if in sufficient dose. They have been used in many thoracic diseases attended with chronic bronchitis, as well as in those the genito-urinary organs.

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Balsam Peru need help to write a research paper may administered inhalation.

It also used externally as a dressing in various excoriations, ulcers, and skin diseases, either alone or diluted with some oily vehicle. Either these balsams may given in emulsion with sugar, and albumen or gum or glycerin. There are several officinal preparations tolu which, although the less active, the most used account its more agreeable odor and Dose.

One-half drachm, two grammes or cubic centimeters.

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