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An extract prepared from the heart wood Acacia Catechu Leguminoste.

East Indies.

In irregular masses and fragments, dark-brown, fracture brittle and glossy when freshly made often contaminated with fragments leaves, etc. due the fact that need help on essay the inspissated juice poured layers or mats leaves cool and harden nearly odorless, with sweetish and very astringent taste.

catechutannic acid should not yield more than ash. Astringent. Dose.

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Cateeira best college essay help pallidum, Pale Catechu or Gambir, an entirely different article, i cant write my essay obtained from Uncaria Gambir Rubiacece.

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It comes into trade in irregular lumps or small cubes. in size reddish-brown externally and lighter-colored within, with a brittle and dull fracture odorless, sweetishbitter and astringent taste.

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and dose, as above. Pale catechu not proposal writing for cleaning services book editing services much used in this N. Logwood Extract. Made evaporating a decoction from chips the heart wood Hamatoxylon Catnpechianum nat. ord. Legutninosa i need help starting my college essay dry extract consistence. See also Hsematoxylon, page. Brittle, dry cakes deep ruby red color, without odor and with sweetish astringent taste. As a trade article or drug, custom essay writer usually occurs in circular cakes enclosed in paper boxes, prepared pouring the extract, research papers on best buy when sufficiently evaporated congeal, into the boxes as moulds and letting the extract harden in the boxes. Tannic acid and a peculiar coloring principle, hematoxylin.





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