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Some would probably say The doctors expect Perhaps they because the custom has been established, but they use these statistics sufficiently pay for putting them into type? In most hospitals the answer would They not, and for those doctors who desire them the uses for which they are desired could fully met having the tables typewritten and filed for reference. Some teaching hospitals might furnish exception this rule, but certain that people in general, paper writing services legitimate including physicians, are but very slightly impressed this imposing array Since the annual report desirable, in that furnishes an account the stewardship those entrusted with the management the hospital, since furnishes the great, often the only, effort the year along publicity lines in many institutions, and since represents a considerable outlay money and labor, a good deal study should devoted its makeup that dissertation writers usa may not only a readable account stewardship regarding money entrusted in the past, but that may help pave the way for contributions that are desired in the What true regarding elaborate medical and surgical statistics also true elaborate tables regarding expenditures. The general public not interested in knowing what the hospital paid for crockery and glassware, soap, or ink, or a hundred other things often found Hsted in tables expenditure. A great many are interested in knowing the average cost per day for caring for each patient, what proportion the patients are free, part pay, and pay patients the daily average number patients cared for, and the total for the year what costs maintain a bed in a free ward or private room what costs train or maintain a nurse, and what new plans the institution has. These facts should clearly and concisely stated well arranged in short paragraphs with distinctive headings if they are read.

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The value photographs as a means interesting the public in hospital work coming slow degrees recognized, but the majority hospitals have yet awakened the value this means calling attention the work being done.

When photographs are used in the hospital report very often they are the stiffest-ofthe-stiff kind, without one thing attract more than a passing glance. There nothing particularly interesting in a picture a private room in a hospital or an operating room, for instance.

Even pictures wards with rows beds are common as have lost their appeal the public. No picture nowadays that has not in something human interest going much a factor in creating interest in the reading matter which accompanies. In the use the camera promote interest in hospitals, most institutions could learn a good practicel lesson from the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto.

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Every page in the annual report that institution makes its own appeal through its photographs children in all poses and stages recovery. If you had money give a hospital and sent for the reports two institutions secure light in deciding which one you should give which would make the greatest appeal you a report such as the Hospital for Sick Children issues, that insists the public seeing through the printed page the human material which helping improve and save and put in good physical condition for life, or one with pages dry statistics with perhaps an attempt at illustration showing a picture a room or bed, not different in its general makeup from thousands other rooms and beds and wards? Let your imagination help you play help with assignment writing the part prospective benefactor in a state indecision as which institution remember in your will. You would a most extraordinary or abnormal essays editing academic writing services company individual if you did not decide without much hesitation in favor the institution which introduced you its patients through the camera.

Of course, a children's hospital has, perhaps, more freedom than other institutions in the matter photographs.

No institution help me write a essay would justified in photographing adults quite freely or clearly as the children in the pictures are shown, but in every hospital there a considerable range in which the camera may legitimately used enlist the sympathetic interest the.

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public in what doing for the common good. Most general hospitals have a children's ward. Instead showing simply the four walls the ward and the beds, why not use the children who have been helped back health and saved the community within those walls, and let them make their own appeal for the A notable advance may seen in this respect in a number institutions. The and Post Graduate Hospitals, New York, are good examples the advance made in the annual report a judicious use the camera. Several others might mentioned, best cheap essay but the majority hospitals are still asleep as the value this method reaching the hearts and pockets the great public which they are endeavoring serve. The picture reaches people all nationaUties and all ages and brings one at once into close touch with the reality. It speaks in all languages if give In deciding enlist the aid the camera in helping you get the eye and ear and sympathy the public, don't depend very much amateur photography. It does not pay give out good money for a poor picture made into a cut, for a poor photograph will appear poorer still when has been put into print. Select one capable man as official photographer for the institution and let him know that this isn't simply a single order that get, but that if studies the art using the material you have as appeal the public in the strongest way there will frequent calls for his services that will a picture story, continued at intervals for an indefinite time.





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