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The sudden irresistible outburst laughter that follows the tendency wit rarely follows the purposeless wit.

As the technique the same in both may assumed that virtue its tendencies the tendency wit has at its disposal sources pleasure which the harmless wit has no access.

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The smutty joke must fulfil the following condition. It must directed toward a certain person who excites one sexually, and who becomes cognizant the speaker's excitement listening the smutty joke, and thereby in turn becomes sexually excited.

Instead becoming sexually excited the listener may react with shame and embarrassment, which, however, only shows a reaction against the excitement and thus signifies essay writing service us an admission the same. The smutty joke was originally directed against the woman, and comparable an attempt at seduction. If a man tells or listens smutty jokes in male society because the original situation cannot realized account social inhibitions. The smutty joke an exhibition directed against a person whom one not sexually indifferent. Through the utterance obscene words the person attacked incited picture the parts the body in question, and shown that the aggressor pictures the same thing. There no doubt that the original motive the smutty joke was the pleasure seeing the sexual displayed.

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