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But whatever the cause, probable that the prosperous classes English, over forty, would outweigh the average european that period, and this must make, I should think, some diflerence in their relative liability certain forms disease, because the overweight our transAtlantic cousins plainly due excess fat.

I have sought in vain for English tables giving the weight men and women various heights at like ages. The material for such a study men in research paper on sale America given in Gould's researches.


States Sanitary Commission, and in Baxter's admirable report, but lacking for women. A comparison these points as between English and academic writers europeans both sexes, would great interest. I doubt whether, in this country, as great a growth as multitudes English attain either healthy or desirable in point comfort, owing the distress which stout people feel in our hot summer weather. Certainly Banting with a rarely-needed process, and, as a rule, have nmch more frequent occasion fatten than thin our patients.

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The climatic peculiarities which have changed our voices, sharpened our features, and made small the european hand and foot, have also made in middle and advanced life, a thinner and more sallow race, and, possibly, adapted better the region in which live.

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The same changes in form are in like manner showing themselves in the English race cheap custom term papers in Australia. This excess write my research papers corpulence in the English attained chiefly after forty, as I have said. The average european taller than the average Englishman, and fully as well built in proportion his height, as Gould has shown.

The child either sex in New England both taller and heavier than the English child corresponding class and age, as Dr.

Bowditch has lately made clear while the English the manufacturing and agricultural classes are miserably inferior the members a similar class in America.

FAT IN ITS CLINICAL RELATIONS. Some gain in flesh as life goes a frequent thing here as elsewhere, and usually has no unwholesome meaning.

Occasionally see people past the age sixty suddenly taking fat and becoming at once unwieldy and feeble, the fat collecting in masses about the belly and around the joints. Such an increase usually accompanied with fatty degeneration the heart and muscles, and with a certain watery flabbiness in the limbs, which, however, not pit pressure. Alcoholism also gives rise in some people a vast increase adipose tissue, and the sodden, unwholesome fatness the hard drinker a sufficiently well-known and unpleasant spectacle. The overgrowth inert people who not exercise enough use a healthy amount over-fed tissues common enough as an individual peculiarity, but there are also two other conditions in which fat apt accumulated an uncomfortable extent. Thus, in some cases hysteria where the patient lies abed from belief that she unable move about, she apt in time become enormously stout. This seems also favored the large use morphia which such women are prone, that I should say that long rest, the hysterical constitution, and the accompanying resort morphia made a group factors highly favorable buy and sell research papers increase Lastly, there the class fat, anaemic people, usually women. This dissertation abstracts international double condition not very uncommon, but as the mass thin-blooded persons are as a rule thin or losing flesh, there must some peculiarity in that anaemia which goes with gain in Bauer thinks that lessened number blood-corpuscles gives rise storing fat, owing lessened tissue-combustion. At all events the absorbed oxygen diminishes after bleeding, and used well known that some people grew fat when bled at intervals. Also, said that cattle-breeders in some localities certainly not in this country bleed their cattle cause increase fat in the tissues, or fat secreted as butter in the milk.





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