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To understand why strong and happy personalities are rare today, have merely listen the i need help with writing a paper replies the average adult gives a child. How much attention have paid research In essential foods, and how little know the basic requirements Before attempting an answer his question should recall that the child's mind Is In many ways superior ours.

His ability acquire knowledge, his penetration Into the essence things, his memory and power observation, exceed far the working capacities the adult mind. Therefore, all talking down the child Is utterly nonsensical and often responsible for the resentijient and contempt against parents and teachers frequently encountered. In early childhood a human being less intellectual but more intelligent than in later life, and help with comparative essay far more intuitive.

As was said before, the child preschool age Is still potentially able enter into a state consciousness bearing a faint resemblance the Garden Eden, the childhood state the human race.

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For his whole being, physiological as well as psychological, in the phase becoming. As the legend would put still academic custom essays living under the Tree Life.

The academic writer uk small child not yet wholly separated from the world around him.

The sun and moon, and the birds in the sky, seem almost as close him as Bis own fingers and toes. He will communicate with the website that writes essays for you dumb creatures near him and usually they will understand and therefore accept from him a treatment not tolerated from an adult.

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To the child whose consciousness has not been spoiled clumsy interference, the world reveals its true nature, its intangible life. For this reason can lavish his love a doll rags or the crudest toy.

To his intuitive perception, the outwardly imperfect will most readily release its inner beauty the living soul bestowed the love and understanding the person who gave or made Similarly, the unspoiled article ghostwriter youngster will sense intangible realities behind flowers and trees, and experience them in pictures the pictures elves, good fairies, and the little people the forest that have appeared for ages in myths and fairy tales.

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All this in opposition intellectual consciousness, for which all that lives assumes a mask death and becomes a corpse weighed, measured, and dissected, but never understood. The living intuitive consciousness childhood a tiny part the kingdom which referred. Yet approach an adult need not become a simpleton, nor renounce his intelligence, for the child neither simpler nor less intelligent than What the small child still has and what the grown-up must reawaken in himself intuitive perception. For this alone can grasp the intangible Kingdom In earlier times the consciousness childhood was intense enough leave its mark all later phases life. Almost all medieval tradition reflects this kind consciousness which, in its purest form, shone in the life and deeds St. Francis. In lesser men, and distorted materialistic impulses, took the form medieval superstition, which was rightly rejected the forerunners a scientific era. Still, in rare cases, childhood consciousness was allowed show its true potentialities. These are apparent in the beauty and warmth medieval art, in the romanticism chivalric ideals, and review of essay writing services in the communion some saints with all things dead and alive. Childhood in those days stretched further into adult life and, when molded life experience and mature intelligence, ripened into the wisdom old age. Today intellectualism encroaches childhood, and threatens make children caricatures their elders, while old age has become a manifestation petrification rather than the rejuvenating power through which living wisdom can prevent the hardening the vessels the brain.





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